With its ISO-certified security concept, the Trust Center provides the highest level of data privacy and security.

Trust Center

Trust services “made in Germany”

  • Market leader with over 20 years of experience
  • eIDAS- and ETSI-certified trust services
  • Authorization for Germany’s electronic healthcare card by the German Society for Telematic Applications of the Healthcare Card (gematik)
  • Latest technology and high security environment provided by T-Systems
  • Full service: from individual certifications to complex public key infrastructures (PKI)

Digital identities at the highest security level

As the first German trust center, T-Systems has been serving as an independent trust service provider of security services based on an ISO-certified security concept since 1999. In addition to issuing certificates, the full-service trust center develops complex public key infrastructures (PKI) for industrial customers, government agencies, countries and organizations.

Dependable and certified trust services

In addition to T-Systems’ certification in accordance with ISO 27001, the security and performance of individual solutions and products offered by the trust center are assured through regular certifications. The team works in accordance with the EU regulation for electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services (eIDAS) and with the requirements of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). Authorization for Germany’s electronic healthcare card has also been issued by the German Society for Telematic Applications of the Healthcare Card.

Use Cases

From company websites and shop systems to online banking and dealings with government agencies: TLS/SSL certificates make it possible to clearly identify the web server. As a result, they facilitate safe, encrypted data transmission and provide assurances that communications are being conducted with the appropriate counterpart.
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Static passwords serve as a welcome mat to attackers. By contrast, two-factor authentication shields sensitive data and infrastructures from spying. The one-time passwords are generated through hardware or software tokens, for example, by apps, key rings, chip card, or sent via text message as an mTAN.
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Everything is becoming digital – that also applies to documents and forms, whether in the form of electronic transactions, e-documents or digital maintenance reports and data sheets for goods. To ensure that these documents are legally binding and to protect them from manipulation, qualified signatures are an absolute must.
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Energy CA
The Energy CA provides certificates for secure communications between municipal utilities, distributors and service providers. In the process, it guarantees confidentiality, integrity and authenticity in a smart-metering environment.
An internal company identity management system which can be displayed via a client-capable company PKI. Digital certificates for all applications and processes are shown and managed here – whether it be electronic signatures and encryption for e-mails and protection of company and router networks.
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The Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine communications in connection with cloud and Industry 4.0 applications are only possible if millions of communicating devices and machines can be clearly and virtually mapped via the automated mass issuance of digital identities.
Individual PKI
IT-Sicherheitsgesetz und kritische Infrastrukturen
Special regulatory requirements for the authentication and exchange of digital signatures and encrypted documents in such areas as healthcare and the energy sector can be mapped by individualized PKI applications.
Trusted IT operations
Trusted IT-Operations: Eine individuelle IT-Umgebung im Trust Center sichert sensible Unternehmensdaten.
An individual IT environment in the trust center protects sensitive company data from spying and physical risks – including outside the realm of public key infrastructures. The integration of central services, including alarm functions and backups, provides additional data security.


The ENX Association uses T-Systems’ expertise and services when developing and providing central infrastructure services. These include the ENX public key infrastructure (PKI) and the ENX points of interconnection (POI), the central interchange points where the ENX networks of all ENX CSPs are connected to each other.
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Accredited trust services provided at the highest security level

A trust center acts as an independent certification body and trust authority for electronic data exchanges. T-Systems is accredited as a trust service provider by the German Federal Network Agency. To ensure the highest level of protection, all services offered by the trust center are based on the very latest security technologies – including those for encrypting data and networks or for providing two-factor authentication.

Highly secure trust center environment

A high security environment based in Germany consisting of geo-redundant data centers backs up all services. If a crash occurs in one area,a second data center (in which all data, the entire IT infrastructure and all network connections are mirrored) will automatically spring into action. By taking this approach, T-Systems not only ensures dependable and highly available operations, but also complies with the most stringent German and European requirements for data protection and security.

Highest level of confidentiality

The provision of certification is performed in the company's own trust center and is performed exclusively by trained personnel who have undergone security checks. The result is the provision of certificates at the highest security level. T-Systems can guarantee secure electronic data exchanges even for extremely sensitive information.

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