Enterprise Security

Industrial Network Security Pack

Safeguarding of production environments

  • In-depth understanding of all weak points in the industry network
  • Security checks for networking production environments
  • Monitoring through industrial SIEM and SOC by Telekom
Bernd Jäger
Bernd Jäger

Portfolio Clusterhead IoT & ICS Security

Production systems worldwide targeted by hackers

The IT Bitkom industry association estimates the economic damages in the German industry due to sabotage, data theft, or espionage by hackers to amount to a total of 43.4 billion euros during the period from 2016 to 2018. This represents one important reason for the growing number of IT systems in the production environment, also referred to as Operational Technology (OT). The growing cross-linking of machines, factories, and computers represent a worthwhile goal for cybercriminals and other attackers. The problem many companies face during this development: an insufficient overview of the IT systems, applications, and data processed in their production environment.
With the Industrial Network Security Pack, Telekom Security provides companies with a security solution for production environments which meets the most stringent requirements. Supported by experienced T-Systems specialists, the OT managers will find all weak spots, behavioral inconsistencies in network traffic, infiltrated malware, or external access attempts. This approach is referred to as the white box procedure. All findings as well as any discrepancies from normal operation are presented in a structured report and made available to the company. Moreover, suggestions for countermeasures discussed during a workshop with Telekom experts are included.
The production of dressing material and pharmaceutical products highlights a common security problem. In most cases, the production process continues to be distributed over long-serving “product islands” while the control software is updated via a remote maintenance tunnel. During the cross-linking of these “islands” into a modern and comfortable production environment, security gaps caused by outdated control units or control programs become visible – these then serve as possible entry points for hackers. Solutions like the Industrial Network Security Pack by Telekom Security enable OT managers to find such gaps and close them while also strengthening the production environments in order to protect them from unauthorized remote access.
Industrial Network Security Pack
  • Industrial networks as the last untouched stronghold in companies
  • Protection of production against failures and data theft
  • IT security measures which also protect OT
  • Understanding and knowledge of all weak points and risks
  • Monitoring of all incidents relevant to IT security
  • Roll-out of security solution in 30 minutes – without exposing production
  • Review of all security measures in the industrial network
  • Detection and initiation of countermeasures through industrial SIEM and SOC
  • Classification of IT security gaps as risks for production

OT Security Checks

Networking production environments, i. e. the fusion of IT and OT, represents an enormous challenge for companies from various sectors. The objective is to ensure business continuity and IT security within nano seconds. Any downtime of assembly lines in the automotive, machine construction, or logistics industry, and especially in critical infrastructure sectors, costs billions every minute. As a result, the reputation of clients and customers suffers as well. Digitized OT environments require seamless Internet access to cloud services or for remote maintenance purposes.
The experience and skill of the experts of Telekom Security ensures the safeguarding of production environments, which, in turn, guarantees OT security. They enforce systems and protect them from ransomware, industrial sabotage and other cyberattacks. They support production managers and OT managers in the search for previously unknown, dynamic, and mobile devices while ensuring constant availability. Telekom Security offers companies two different consulting services, the OT Security Check according to ISO 27001 and the OT Security Check according to ISA/IEC 62443, as well as vulnerability analyses and penetration tests.

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