Advanced Persistent Threat Protection Pro from T-Systems delivers immediate, fully automated defenses

Secure Local Internet Breakout

Web gateway ensures performance, flexibility & security

  • Cloud Sandbox with APT protection
  • Website filter for malicious content
  • Detection and blocking of viruses and spyware.
Deniz Barbaros
Deniz Barbaros

Produkt Manager

Optimize perfomance and increase security

The transformation of networks into the cloud is in full swing. However, traditional security strategies do not do justice to the challenges of data and application management in the cloud. One important aspect is the safe access to the Internet and available cloud services from different locations and devices. To this end, the local Internet breakout is used as it possesses IntraSelect connections. It offers all the benefits of a secure web gateway regarding performance, flexibility, and IT security – while also saving costs. 
Telekom is therefore offering a service in cooperation with market-leading security providers to ensure more transparency, data security, and control. Companies profit from a standardized security-as-a-service solution, which protects against advanced persistent threats as well as known and unknown malicious code – upon request, SSL encryption can also be used. In addition to the bundle, Telekom also provides the required experts who will support companies in the integration and operation.
A company operating worldwide would have to make massive investments in its IT and IT security infrastructure in order to protect its different and often numerous locations. The communication with share points and other Internet-capable applications from local branches requires low latency periods and higher bandwidths in order to keep the quality of the user experience at a high level. The joint approach by Telekom and its partners enables globally active companies to optimize their performance while also increasing their IT security.
Further information
Secure Local Internet Breakout
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Internet Protect Pro – powered by Zscaler

Telekom Security is offering a service in cooperation with the American manufacturer Zscaler which guarantees more transparency, data security, and control. Based on the Zscaler platform, Internet Protect Pro represents a standardized security-as-a-service solution for companies, protecting them from advanced persistent threats, data loss, or security gaps in the SSL protocol. Furthermore, malicious data packages as well as those with suspicious behavior can be delayed or completely discarded. Guideline management is also part of the solution. Along with this service, Telekom Security also provides the necessary experts who will support companies in the process of integration and operation.