Enterprise Application Integration for transforming SAP landscapes

Enterprise Application Integration at no risk

For a smooth transition to SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA

  • Transformation of SAP landscapes
  • Switching to SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA
  • End-to-end support during the transformation
  • T-Systems as a certified SAP partner

Transformation of IT landscapes to SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA with Enterprise Application Integration

Whether it be M2M, the Internet of Things or Industry 4.0: digitization is an undisputed megatrend for companies of all sizes and in all sectors. In order to remain competitive and get ready for the future, companies need to digitize their value chain with Enterprise Application Integration.

SAP Solutions – support for bi-modal IT

All digitization strategies focus on SAP systems. As the backbone of companies, they are both enablers and showstoppers. On the one hand, they reflect companies’ individual processes very well and thus are optimally tailored to specific processes – even if they are highly complex and updating to a new release is generally difficult. On the other hand, SAP provides the basis for digitization with the switchover to SAP S/4HANA: with the next generation of the SAP Business Suite and the real-time capabilities of the HANA technology (Real-time Business Processes), companies can keep track of their business anywhere and at all times.
Switching applications to SAP S/4HANA is unavoidable anyway as support for the SAP Business Suite is due to end in 2025. But when is the best time to switch? And what needs to be done in what order? What will change? What processes and modules can be combined? And what will it all cost?

Ensuring a secure transformation to SAP S/4HANA

The challenge lies in ensuring a secure transformation to SAP S/4HANA while stabilizing the existing landscape. Unfortunately, many companies lack the personnel needed to do both. They therefore look for advice, transformation and operations support. In addition to technical competence, they expect the service provider to be in control of the process transformation – in every phase.1 T-Systems has this expertise, with proven experience reflected by its SAP portfolio.
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SAP Portfolio

  • SAP and cloud architecture
  • Data and process integration
  • SAP security including governance, risk and compliance
  • Financial management
  • Logistics and procurement
  • Human capital management
  • Sales & service management
  • Business intelligence, reporting, predictive & advanced analytics
  • Industry-specific solutions for healthcare, utilities, public, energy, telco and media
  • SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA transformation based on the “Cloudifier” approach
  • Service packages for code optimization, testing, data anonymization etc.
  • Harmonization and consolidation, historization, system decommissioning
  • Merger & Acquisition (M&A) support (carve-in/carve-out)

Comprehensive portfolio with Dynamic Applications & Services for SAP

Companies demand transparent transformation offerings at fixed prices. Transparency is also required with regard to future operating models as well as the improvements and savings possible in the short term. This is exactly where T-Systems can help, accompanying companies on the path to digitization as a “trusted advisor”. T-Systems understands the possibilities and opportunities offered by SAP S/4HANA and has comprehensive know-how when it comes to setting up new landscapes and maintaining evolved ones.
This includes harmonizing and consolidating complex, distributed landscapes and optimizing individual business processes or entire systems, whether this be in a specific industry or across industries. Naturally, attention is always paid to developing and putting in place comprehensive security concepts and much more. This combination makes it possible to future-proof and operate SAP landscapes securely and reliably with the “Dynamic Applications & Services for SAP” solutions.

The benefits of T-Systems’ end-to-end SAP portfolio at a glance

  • SAP and cloud transformation without risk: no cost, quality or timing risks thanks to the Cloudifier for SAP
  • 60 percent quicker time to market for software changes: typical increases achieved through end-to-end processes2
  • 0:5 in the event of operational standstills: zero outage compared to the competition in the event of typical critical incidents p.a.
  • No risk of financial penalties: breaches of data protection laws can now be punished with fines of up to 4 percent of annual revenue
  • Ready for DevOps for even greater agility: application development, testing, operation, tools, processes

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How can my company benefit from Enterprise Application Integration?

  • Clear, end-to-end portfolio from consultancy to operation (Design – Transform – Operate) – from business process to infrastructure
  • Transparent pricing models – fixed price projects and pay-as-you-use application management services
  • End-to-end quality management verifiably ensures compliance with project schedules and service levels
  • Special right of termination for AMM if a major incident should still occur
  • Audited and certified German data protection as well as security guidelines and measures
  • SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA expertise confirmed by customers and independent analysts
  • Cloudifier as the market-leading transformation approach

Transform enterprise applications with Dynamic Applications & Services for SAP

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When switching to SAP S/4HANA with Enterprise Application Integration, users have lots of questions relating to IT architecture and operation:
  • What interfaces and functions will be provided for users?
  • What are the mobile workflows like?
  • What real-time analyses are now possible?
  • What will my SAP landscape look like in the future?
  • What will I still need from my business warehouses?
  • Which applications can I consolidate?
  • How do I link the SAP cloud solutions?
  • How do I operate the new landscape?
  • What can be migrated to which cloud? And what needs to remain on premises?
  • What service levels can I expect for SAP Basis and Application Management?

High planning certainty due to fixed prices and standardized methods

Enterprise Application Integration from T-Systems gives companies the certainty that this transformation will be trouble-free – with a transparent procedural model comprising analysis, consultancy, transformation and the operating phase as well as fast, binding results for future planning. Custom consultancy packages with schedules and cost plans show clearly and reliably when a company should migrate which part of SAP and where to – for example to the public, private or hybrid cloud –, what this solution will cost once it is in operation and what solution is best suited to the company’s special business case.

Big data, Hadoop and SAP HANA

Example data integration: How can I combine the fast but expensive HANA technology and its benefits with other big data solutions such as Hadoop which are cheaper but offer other services? The transformation experts at T-Systems design the optimum analytics landscape for their customers in terms of functionality and costs, implement this landscape at a fixed price as part of a project and take on responsibility for ensuring trouble-free operation (Application Management services) in the T-Systems cloud.

End-to-end responsibility with a look at the big picture

According to McKinsey, thinking in terms of end-to-end solutions plays an essential role in successful digital transformation.3 As a certified SAP global outsourcing partner, T-Systems oversees all SAP applications end to end through to the operation. In technological terms, this means solutions from the network to the source code. For a standardized and secure transformation process, the “Cloudifier” uses a market-leading “fixed price + fixed time” transformation approach which brings technical, financial and timing risks under control. During the business process, T-Systems brings together experts for cross-section processes and industrial experts.

Security, quality and reliability

Data protection and security have the highest priority: as part of Deutsche Telekom, T-Systems and its international subsidiaries maintain the very highest data protection and security standards. The “Zero Outage” quality processes ensure that service promises are kept. Thanks to the TÜV-certified quality program, minimal downtimes and maximum business capability can be achieved. And if customers should nevertheless experience a major incident, they can terminate their Application Management contracts – no ifs or buts. T-Systems also works with carefully selected partners in specific areas, e.g. Virtual Forge, Onapsis, West Trax and SNP.
Another plus of Enterprise Application Integration is multi-provider orchestration: T-Systems knows that customers need to assert themselves in an ecosystem with partners and suppliers. Orchestrating this environment with a service-oriented architecture for the customer is therefore a particularly important service. T-Systems keeps the big picture in mind, can provide details on possible cost savings thanks to fixed price lists and can minimize financial and timing risks for the customer.

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