The right ECM system with solutions from the cloud creates order and enables mobile collaboration.

Enterprise Content Management

ECM systems get the document jungle in order

  • TypeMaster accelerates market launches
  • ImageMaster organizes the document life cycle
  • NormMaster improves quality management
  • FlexRom facilitates IT asset management
  • Fit4Collaboration allows a secure transformation
  • SharePoint optimizes collaboration
Ralf Wieland
Ralf Wieland

Expert for Collaboration & Enterprise Content Management

Up-to-date information – available at any time

In the era of digitization, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is becoming a must. After all, employees want to work together on documents without problems and also use their mobile devices when doing so. More and more files and documents need to be recorded, managed, stored, distributed within the company and retained in accordance with legal regulations. The work of ECM departments is thus becoming more challenging – as a number of studies carried out by analysts such as Gartner or PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) shows:
  • The volume of unstructured data in companies is growing by 200 percent per year
  • A quarter of a company’s documents is getting lost every year
  • Restoring a lost document takes 25 hours on average
  • 400 employee hours a year are lost through searching for data
The business challenges also include inconsistent or missing data or information that needs to be processed in real time. In turn, the IT departments complain about high operating costs for hardware, software, personnel and licenses. The solution: Collaboration & Enterprise Content Management Services from the cloud.

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How does my company benefit from Enterpise Content Management?

  • Simplifying the system landscape for Enterprise Content Management through consolidation and harmonization
  • Supporting all operating models for maximum flexibility: on-premises or in the T-Systems data center
  • Also available as software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as part of cloud solutions
  • Dynamic Services for Collaboration (DSC) based on the Microsoft Productivity Suite
  • Accessing a full range of relevant information quickly and anywhere in the world
  • Increasing productivity in the company
  • Mobility of data and documents
  • Getting applications into the cloud securely
  • Reducing IT and personnel costs
  • Cost control through fixed price packages


Logo Corpus Sireo
CORPUS SIREO was created in 2007 through the merger of the real estate company Corpus (founded in 1995) and the asset manager Sireo (founded in 2001). The group manages real estate worth around 16.3 billion euros throughout Europe for companies, insurances and banks and has just under 550 employees at 11 locations.

The challenge

  • Expanding SAP invoice archiving with ImageMaster to allow e-mail archiving
  • Reducing the burden on the Exchange servers and the e-mail inboxes
  • Cost-effective storage solution
  • Enabling staff to access archived e-mails and attachments quickly and easily

The solution

  • Dynamic Services for Archiving for Exchange as part of the ECM suite
  • Automatic, central archiving of selected e-mails from 600 e-mail inboxes
  • Direct access from Outlook
  • Local caching
  • High availability

The customer benefits

  • The automated storage procedure allows secure archiving and makes work easier
  • Quick access to archived e-mails and attachments
  • Standard storage reduces costs and releases expensive Exchange capacities
  • An ideal basis for company-wide document management and collaboration

Use Cases

The company needed to reduce its IT costs and optimize its processes: Fit4collaboration for fast, effective migration into the cloud.
Reliable monitoring of deadlines with flexible escalation functions with SharePoint as an enterprise content management platform (ECM).
T-Systems keeps your hands free: standardized, digital E2E solution based on ImageMaster® Postbox and T-Systems’ data center.

Solutions for quality management, collaboration and asset management

As a leading supplier of ECM solutions, T-Systems covers the entire process chain with its end-to-end solutions. The ECM system portfolio comprises six solutions: TypeMaster, ImageMaster, NormMaster, FlexRom, Fit4Collaboration and SharePoint Enterprise Services.

TypeMaster accelerates market launches

With the TypeMaster for Enterprise Content Management, automotive manufacturers lower the costs of document management and reduce the time to market for their vehicles through better quality management. The entire approval process is optimized, while the registration of vehicles and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) components can be planned precisely.

ImageMaster organizes the document life cycle

The ImageMaster ECM suite has a modular structure and is highly scalable. It includes building blocks for organizing documents and content and can be integrated seamlessly into standard applications such as Exchange, SharePoint and SAP. Thanks to the ImageMaster, companies can reduce costs by up to 30 percent. Risk management and service can be improved – through proactive, automated life cycle management and through the archiving of documents and data.

NormMaster improves quality management

NormMaster ensures improved quality management during the production process. The information and documentation system for industry norms and regulations is fully integrated into the customer’s system landscape. With NormMaster for Enterprise Content Management, all employees of a company have online access to the latest document versions at all times.

FlexRom facilitates IT asset management

The FlexRom end-to-end solution covers the ordering, procurement, delivery, documentation, reporting and billing of IT assets. Via a central user self-service system for order management, staff can order PCs, notebooks, software or mobile devices from an online shop. FlexRom allows central reporting and audit-proof documentation of all IT assets. It can also be integrated seamlessly into SAP.

Fit4Collaboration enables secure transformation

Fit4Collaboration for Enterprise Content Management is a cloud-based service for data exchange and collaboration within companies. The Cloudifier from T-Systems allows business-critical applications to be transformed securely to the cloud for fixed prices. The Dynamic Services for Collaboration based on the Microsoft Productivity Suite are provided in a hosted private cloud.

SharePoint optimizes collaboration

The SharePoint Enterprise Services are based on a T-Systems app framework and are available for fixed prices. The focus is on planning and implementing the SharePoint platform, governance and training as well as on adapting, developing and migrating SharePoint applications. The services include Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Skype for Business (formerly Lync) and the SharePoint e-file.

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