The Cloudifier guarantees maximum IT availability and maximum quality when operating applications in the cloud.

Cloudifier: Operate phase

For secure operation of applications in the cloud

  • Guaranteed quality thanks to Zero Outage
  • Globally consistent process standards
  • Pro-active risk management
  • High availability in German data centers
  • For greater freedom: special right of termination
Michael Pauly
Michael Pauly

Product and Solution Marketing

IT services with maximum quality and availability

Once the Cloudifier’s Design and Transformation phase is complete, company applications can be operated from the cloud. T-Systems operates and maintains IT applications responsibly, from hardware, user support and maintenance to the continual modernization of the software (Application Management & Modernization), including specialist advice. The ICT service provider attaches great importance to a zero defect culture: the Zero Outage concept promises maximum IT availability in the data centers and top-quality managed IT services. The target platforms for the applications are the T-Systems Dynamic Cloud Platform in the private cloud, the Open Telekom Cloud and partner cloud systems from the public cloud or the hybrid cloud as a combination of private and public cloud services.

Special right of termination for dynamic SAP solutions

In contrast to IT outsourcing, for dynamic SAP solutions the following applies: the company can terminate the IT services at any time once the applications have been migrated to the cloud and the hypercare phase is over. The special right of termination applies to new and existing customers.
Further phases

Use Cases

Transformation via the cloud, based on the example of a radio station: T-Systems makes radio broadcasting fit for the next wave of headlines.
Cloud billing at the cutting edge and individually adaptable: Modern pay-as-you-use business models bill flexibly and according to usage.

Technical specifications

  • Operation in German data centers
  • German data protection law
  • Redundancy due to twin core mirroring
  • 99.999 percent IT availability
  • Regular staff certifications for information security and data protection
  • Global manager-on-duty service
  • No long-term contract commitment
  • Special right of termination:
    - Run-on-satisfaction for new customers
    - Quit anytime for existing customers
  • Predictable, transparent costs

Professional concepts for IT outsourcing into the cloud

With regard to business processes in companies, two factors are crucial: quality and security. This applies in particular to managed IT services and IT solutions sourced from the cloud. T-Systems has always taken these factors into account. With the new Open Telekom Cloud, customer data is hosted in highly secure data centers in Germany, and is subject to strict German data protection laws – not only with the private cloud model but also with the low-cost, scalable public cloud model.

Zero Outage

Zero Outage, the quality program from T-Systems, guarantees IT and TC quality for IT outsourcing for example with highly secure twin core data centers offering maximum reliability and an availability of up to 99.999 percent. T-Systems’ active risk management focuses on three areas: People, Processes and Platforms. Expert staff who are regularly trained and certified, standardized processes that increase efficiency and cutting-edge platforms offering high performance and availability help to ensure the quality of IT services. Around 140 managers on duty based throughout the world are available around the clock to ensure maximum IT service availability.

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