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T-Systems named “Software Defined Network Leader in Nordics”

ISG Provider Lens™ Report „Network – Software Defined Solutions and Services Nordics“, 2019

Leading provider of Software Defined Networking (SDN)

T-Systems, the ICT provider from the Deutsche Telekom Group, has been named a Software Defined Networking (SDN) leader in the Nordics by Information Services Group (ISG), a leading global technology research and advisory firm.

Comprehensive presence in Scandinavia and throughout Europe

According to the ISG Provider Lens™ Report, “Network – Software Defined Solutions and Services” for the Nordics market, T-Systems is ranked as a leader in four categories: Managed WAN services, Mobile network (4G/5G) additional (non-core) services and SDN security services, as well as SD network technologies (mobile to edge) ISG compared a total of 38 leading network providers for the Nordic region.

In their Nordics report, the ISG analysts highlight T-Systems’ comprehensive presence in Scandinavia and throughout Europe, praising in particular, how the company deals with different local connectivity requirements. In the competitive environment of IT services for telecommunications, this puts the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary in a leading position. According to the analysts, T-Systems sees connectivity as the basis for digitization, and is driving it forward with SD-WAN and SD-LAN. ISG says that the provider is also using its SDN expertise to pave the way for 5G. This unique expertise in the market – at the intersection between internet, cloud and security – contributed to T-Systems' four-time ranking as “leader” in the Nordic region.

T-Systems provides a comprehensive enterprise managed service portfolio coupled with a dense international network and excellent future state road mapping.

ISG 2019

Strengths in the area of “Managed WAN Services”

Chart ISG Provider Lens™ Managed WAN Services Nordics 2019
  • Comprehensive enterprise managed service portfolio, coupled with a dense international network and excellent future state road mapping
  • Increase in the customer base for classic SD-WANs
  • Inclusion of functions such as traffic offloading and hybrid routing within Intraselect
  • Integration of new Cisco SD-WAN solution expected – as one of the first telecommunication providers
  • Underlay solution MPLS as supporting pillar for networks
  • Solid migration approach to help customers make a smooth and secure transition to the software-defined world

ISG Provider Lens™

Network – Software Defined Solutions and Services, Nordics 2019

Strengths in the area of “Mobile Network (4G/5G) Additional Services”

Chart ISG Provider Lens™ SD Network Mobile Network Nordics 2019
  • Expansive footprint in the Nordics and across Europe along with offerings across enterprise connectivity requirements
  • Leading position in the competitive landscape of telecom IT services delivery
  • Strategic organizational reform to increase growth – with a focus on project-based teams
  • Project teams focus on development areas such as Intraselect SD-WAN

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Strengths in the area of “SDN Security Services”

Chart ISG Provider Lens™ SD Network Security Services Nordics 2019
  • Unique combination of IT security and telecom security as core competence to enterprises
  • Mixed-bag approach of integrating different technologies from leading vendors as per client requirements
  • Dedicated facilities for round-the-clock monitoring
  • Functional virtual war rooms (to prevent cyber attacks)
  • Security facilities, including a global network of honeypots, European CERT units and a 24/7 SOC

Strengths in the area of “SDN Technologies (Mobile to Edge)”

Chart ISG Provider Lens™ SD Network Technologies (Mobile to Edge) Nordics 2019
  • “T-Systems’ extensive portfolio of services are availed by enterprise clients across Europe and several other international markets. It covers 180,000 sites through more than 2,500 networks. With a significant coverage across more than 180 countries and territories, the company has more than 2,400 global PoPs, half of which are in Europe.”

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