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Easy to set up: Wi-Fi hotspot from the cloud

Set up a Wi-Fi hotspot without any IT skills? No problem with Fontech and the Open Telekom Cloud

WiFi hotspot for guests: fast, easy, secure


“With our software, we want to help companies leverage this untapped potential,” says  Peter Dvorak, Business Development Director of Fontech. Fontech offers a solution that enables companies to set up WiFi hotspots quickly, intuitively and, above all, securely. Fontech provides software from the cloud for this purpose. This enables companies to set up and manage guest access for customers via an app without prior knowledge. The start page can be individually designed and can be used for marketing campaigns.

Attractive service for customers

As part of the SoftwareBoost program, Fontech also benefits from technological support as well as marketing and sales support from Telekom. “This gives us a partner we can always reach out to and work with at an equal level,” says Dvorak. “Together we will certainly be able to help many other companies in Germany to become even more attractive for their customers with a WiFi hotspot.”


  • IT infrastructure scales with business development at all times
  • Minimized vendor lock-in risk thanks to OpenStack-based computing and storage resources
  • Highest possible level of data security and data protection
  • Cloud technology support, marketing and sales support as part of the SoftwareBoost program
Peter Dvorak, Fontech

Overall, the Open Telekom Cloud is exactly what we were looking for – scalable, secure and based on open source. This means we are well prepared for all future challenges.

Peter Dvorak, Business Development Director of Fontech

The demands of customers are increasing

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Too slow, too unreliable: Almost half of all Internet users (46 percent) are dissatisfied with the WiFi quality in German hotels and more than one in three (37 percent) with WiFi access overall. This is the result of a representative survey conducted by the industry association Bitkom. “The availability of free and wireless access to the network is a decisive booking reason for more and more travelers,” says Bitkom CEO Bernhard Rohleder.

Connectivity is increasingly becoming a decisive factor for the customer experience, and not only in gastronomy. However, small businesses such as doctors' surgeries, hairdressing salons and retailers often don’t provide customers with WiFi hotspots. “For many, the setup is too complex. They are afraid of doing something wrong and being legally prosecuted for it,” says Peter Dvorak of Fontech. “That's why many prefer to just leave it and not offer WiFi access to their customers.”

Germany at the bottom of the mobile data volume league

This is wasted potential, because with a free Internet access, customers don’t have to use their own data volume while surfing. Most smartphone users in Germany have just two to three gigabytes of data volume per month. This is far lower than in other European countries such as Austria, Italy and France. There, more than a quarter of users have 12 gigabytes or more at their disposal. In the United States, 23 percent surf without any volume restrictions. This is the result of the latest “Statista Global Consumer Survey.

The challenge

  • Unpredictable business development requires needs-based scalable cloud solution
  • Processing sensitive customer data requires the highest level of data security and data protection
  • Proprietary solution from previous vendor created excessive vendor lock-in risk

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WiFi solution from the cloud: Hotspot-as-a-Service

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Since the beginning of 2019, Fontech has been offering hotspot software as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) from the Open Telekom Cloud. The provider previously operated its solution in the cloud of another provider, but wanted to change for two reasons in particular: “First, our US provider’s cloud was not secure enough for us,” says Dvorak. “And secondly, we wanted to part with all our proprietary solutions. That's why we were looking for a new cloud provider.” As part of the SoftwareBoost partner program, Fontech became aware of the Open Telekom Cloud – and was quickly convinced.

Partnership with Deutsche Telekom

In addition, Telekom markets Fontech's hotspot software and WiFi access points under the name Business WLAN. Dvorak: “Since the Open Telekom Cloud relies on OpenStack, we are now very flexible. And the multiple-certified German data centers offer maximum security and data protection.”

The solution

  • WiFi hotspot solution provided as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) from the Open Telekom Cloud
  • Fontech is a partner in Telekom's SoftwareBoost program
  • Telekom also markets Fontech's WiFi services as its own product under the name “Business WLAN”

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About Fontech

Fontech provides companies with software from the Open Telekom Cloud that enables them to set up WiFi hotspots for guests quickly and easily. The solution is so simple that even small companies that don’t have their own IT department can set it up. Fontech also offers its software to telecom providers as a white label solution.

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