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The Digital Innovation System SAP Leonardo

Applications and services for IoT, machine learning, blockchain, big data, and design thinking – from SAP and T-Systems

Your path to a digitalized company

Digital innovation usually has many building blocks. They are called IoT, machine learning, blockchain, or big data. Methods such as design thinking, data intelligence tools, and benchmarking are also used. SAP has developed its Digital Innovation System SAP Leonardo so that companies can use these building blocks in practice.

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SAP Leonardo offers almost unlimited possibilities for nearly all industries. The solution takes an end-to-end approach from integrating IoT devices to evaluating the data you collect, for example, with big data analysis and machine learning. Using its multi-cloud platform for SAP, T-Systems delivers everything you need to implement SAP Leonardo in your company. And with our individualized starter packages for SAP Leonardo, we accompany you from conception to the running solution.

We look forward to your project!

Do you have any questions concerning the planning, implementation or maintenance of your digitization project? Contact us and one of our experts will be in touch with you to answers all your questions.

SAP and T-Systems digitalize your company with SAP Leonardo

Woman looks at a tablet, which she holds in her hand

SAP Leonardo is the technological basis for implementing data-driven business models and new services. An end-to-end approach includes all necessary steps. It begins with the integration of all necessary devices, gateways, and sensors. It controls and manages their secure and reliable networking. And it enables the provision and further processing of all recorded data, for example using methods such as big data analyzes and machine learning. The foundation of SAP Leonardo is the SAP database technology SAP S/4HANA – made available on the multi-cloud platform from T-Systems.

We also offer our DigiFront dashboard solution so you can keep track of the results of real-time analyzes at all times. T-Systems helps you make the right decisions based on data models and reports. The solution presents company data in an appealing dashboard on tiles. Users can switch from the overview to the detail view at the click of a mouse and display reports, websites, documents, as well as static reports and standard reports such as SAP BO Lumira 2.0. If required, this can be done in your own corporate design.

Everything you need to use SAP Leonardo

T-Systems provides SAP Leonardo and SAP S/4HANA on its multi-cloud platform. In addition, we support companies end-to-end, from conception to the finished solution with individualized starter packages.

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