Global network for the economy: Smart SD-WAN powered by ngena ensures high profitability and easy network management.
WAN Solution


A smart network for digital business

  • Standardized and capable of rapid global connectivity
  • Automated operational and technology platform for international SD WANs based on network alliance ngena
  • Quick modifications and extensions thanks to central management
  • Appropriate access technology for every location worldwide with hybrid connections
  • Optional VPN services based on SDN/NFV technology
Rasmus Krone

Head of Marketing & Communication

Challenge: Global network

Managing corporate networks across a range of sites is indeed an ordeal. Even large telecommunications providers don’t have comprehensive, global networks and need to purchase additional infrastructure. Providing new services is therefore not only time-consuming, but products also vary according to regions. Despite this, international companies – and their network resources – have to adapt to fast-changing market conditions.

Network services at the touch of a button

The corporate network has finally caught up with the dynamics of digitization. As a partner in the network alliance ngena, T-Systems provides multinational companies with globally standardized network systems that are available almost at the touch of a button: With Smart SD WAN, T-Systems offers an international, multi-carrier VPN based on SD WAN. The global network services are not only of the highest quality, they are also reliable, quickly available, and easy to manage. The products and processes are standardized worldwide and are managed from a central platform.


Flyer: A new generation of international business networks.

Technical specifications

  • Cross-carrier, international SD WAN platform
  • Service management with a designated contact partner
  • Consistent use of the “Network Functions Virtualization” technology
  • High level of automation for operations
  • Global availability through ngena alliance partners
  • Standard end-to-end encryption
  • Globally standardized service levels
Smart SD-WAN
Smart SD-WAN Access Design: XS - M
Smart SD-WAN Access Design: L - XL
Available services:
  • Regional Internet breakout
  • Firewall and Web security
  • Multi-VPN with Quality of Service
  • Application-specific transmission quality and security
Future services:
  • Public cloud connection
  • Local Internet breakout, optional with on-site firewall and Web security
  • OpenDNS
  • End-to-end application optimization/acceleration
  • Next-generation firewall and DDoS protection
  • Intelligent path management

Smart SD WAN – The network for digitization

International companies can only remain successful if they are agile enough to adapt to the market. This does not include just their business, but the IT and telecommunications resources necessary for business – global network services, for example. This is because new locations depend on being able to quickly access the corporate network. Or there may be new public cloud services that suddenly require regional or local transitions between VPN and Internet.

New requirements for VPNs

Today, MPLS VPNs dominate as corporate networks because they are highly available, reliable, efficient and customizable. But companies wanting to build or modify an international MPLS VPN have to be patient: The network operator needs to manually configure the network and coordinate with other providers. With regard to agility, corporate networks often lag behind what is required.
In fact, VPNs are increasingly implemented via the public Internet – for connecting small locations, for instance. Internet connection are fast, cost-efficient, and available almost anywhere in the world. However, these advantages often come at the expense of transmission quality, which always depends on current data traffic. Moreover, data cannot be prioritized and transmitted in a specified quality, as with MPLS. Companies therefore got either a high-quality VPN or an agile one. Until now.

High-quality and agile

With Smart SD WAN, T-Systems combines the benefits of both network technologies. With the innovative technology of software defined networking (SDN), new services can be provided noticeably faster than before and, thanks to intelligently linked operator networks, the IP VPN looks to cover the entire world. For access to the powerful backbone, companies can choose from globally standardized designs – depending on quality and profitability requirements. In addition, companies can determine the transmission quality for individual applications. T-Systems takes over complete management of the VPNs for businesses – including around-the-clock customer service.
Smart SD WAN is thus as agile and simple as an Internet VPN and as efficient as MPLS for many requirements. Whether companies wish to employ Smart SD WAN alone or in combination with Internet and MPLS VPNs – they can finally turn their entire attention to their business and its digitization. The corporate network goes effortlessly along any path.

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