Best Practice 01/2016: Läuft.
Issue 01/2016

Up and running. One way or the other.

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Reinhard Clemens talks about the industry 4.0 revolution and its impact on business processes and models.

We’re different. And for good reason.

According to Experton, only seven out of 600 IT service providers offer outstanding full IT support. T-Systems is one of them.


Best Practices


With SAP HANA to a world record.

Group CIO Jay Crotts and T-SystemsDirector, Dr. Ferri Abolhassan on real-time analyses in the largest SAP HANA installation in the world and on how services from the cloud are becoming secure.


ams AG

When Zero Outage is a must.

The Austrian semiconductor manufacturer had every reason to entrust its IT to the Telekom subsidiary for a further decade: 1100 regular changes and not one major IT incident in the last four years.


Quality Management

Record of a weekend.

It should be part of any consistent quality assurance policy that even executives and SVPs of an IT provider keep themselves available and ready to intervene 24/7 when a customer embarks on major changes.


FU Berlin

Research and teaching at high speed.

A Next Generation Network, 7,000 IP telephones and 1,800 WiFi hotspots – as part of a worldwide collaboration between universities, Freie Universität Berlin is providing top speed video conferences for its roughly 7,000 employees and 34,000 students.


Real time

Real moments in time.

Whether in agricultural production processes, fleet management in logistics or for predictive analytics as for machine manufacturer Dürkopp-Adler – in the age of Industry 4.0 real-time information is becoming a competitive factor.


Cloud as Enabler

Visions of the future in sight.

Airports, the Austrian post office and petrol station operator JET are already running pilot projects and exploiting the fact that as a result of modern architecture and systems solutions, there seem to be no limits to the elasticity of the cloud.


Specialist book

What is driving digitization?

Top-class authors from the world of business and the IT sector explain why there’s no getting around the cloud. Above all, they all agree on one thing: digitization and cloud-based processes will be the central business engines of the 21st century.



How to find the fitting service provider.

Flexible contractual terms: Rigid conditions are common practice in the IT branch. Now, it is time for a change!