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Time for Un-outsourcing.

Everybody knows that companies have to digitize. But how come so many still aren't doing it? Many feel that diciding to go "digital" is existentially risky. The factors that keep many CIOs from taking the plunge are fear of the investment, of the confusing jugnle of technical options, of becoming dependent on the provider and worries about making changes which might get out of hand in terms of quality, time frames and budget or even hamper IT operations. 
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An ICT provider basically has to be as disruptive as the business models and the changes of the market. Someone who minimizes the risks of transformation at an infrastructural level. Who keeps an ey on the applications at the front end, constantly optimizes the networsk and accepts ne compromises when it comes to maximum quality and security. Someone who grasps the complete picture and who can take the path to digitization with their customer from end to end. Someone who is not afraid of doing things differently to the others. With a more contemporary appoach.