Innovation engine German Mittelstand – Schmitz Cargobull, ZIPPEL MEDIA and the city of Monheim show how digitization works.

Three cogs in the innovation engine.

Author: Yvonne Nestler
Photos: Thomas Lison, Stadt Monheim, Schmitz Cargobull, Eric Remann, Zippel Media GmbH, plainpicture/Cultura/Julian Love
Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are Germany’s engine for innovation. But what kind of innovation? One example: automating baggage checking at airports with digital luggage tags. The tags are the brainchild of Rimowa, a suitcase maker who worked on the project with T-Systems and Airbus and was recognized by the Munich Strategy Group as Germany’s most innovative mid-sized business for 2016. But many other SMBs are capitalizing on digital progress, too. We asked three business owners if they are already thinking digital, and how: