Monheim am Rhein is the future city, where street lamps consume 70 percent less power.
City of Monheim

Where street lamps cut energy consumption 70 percent.

“With the help of our capable partners, we are quickly turning Monheim am Rhein into a smart city that can serve as a role model for others."
Photos: Thomas Lison, Stadt Monheim

Daniel Zimmermann, Monheim City Mayor
“As we digitize further, our city will become an even more attractive place to live and do business in.”
Daniel Zimmermann, Monheim City Mayor
“With the help of our capable partners, we are quickly turning Monheim am Rhein into a smart city that can serve as a role model for others. The 21st century requires not only excellent infrastructure and direct access to transportation, but also modern data highways. Providing fast Internet for our citizenry and industry is as important as electrification was in the early 20th century.
For that reason, we are working with MEGA, our local utility company, to build a citywide fiber optic network (completion date: end of 2018) and seamless WiFi coverage with over 200 access points that will turn the city into one gigantic hotspot. Monheim has reached several digital milestones already: committees have gone paperless at city hall, students use tablet PCs in schools, problems can be reported on mobile devices and residents can log into a WiFi portal that serves as an information gateway to the city’s free, always-on WiFi network. Digital traffic light controls and a modern parking guidance system will soon follow. In another pilot project with MEGA and Deutsche Telekom, we have begun replacing the lamp heads of our streetlights and outfitting them with modern LEDs. The street lamps in downtown Monheim have retained their historic character and appearance, but consume 70 percent less power.
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This is only a nice side benefit, though. We are far more interested in the other features: the ability to dim lamps remotely or create a special atmosphere with lights during the Christmas season or on other festive occasions. Gone are the days when we had to physically check the streetlights during the day while they were on. Now, the lamps notify us directly of any technical issues. No need to leave the desk. As we continue to push forward with digitization, we will make our city an even more attractive place to live and do business in.”

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