ZIPPEL MEDIA signed up for Deutsche Telekom’s DDoS attack protection to ensure maximum network and service availability.
Zippel Media

Staying safe with DDoS Defense.

"A few months ago, our line was suddenly blocked, none of our customers could reach us, and our staff was shut off from the Internet. The culprit: a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack."
Author: Yvonne Nestler
Photos: Zippel Media GmbH, plainpicture/Cultura/Julian Love
Daniel Zippel, General Manager at ZIPPEL MEDIA
“Security Solutions like DDoS Defense need to be part of every company’s toolkit.”
Daniel Zippel, General Manager at ZIPPEL MEDIA
“Our connection was being bombarded with 40,000 requests per second from Asia. The firewall was overwhelmed and the servers broke down. Our first attempts at defending ourselves provided very little relief, and the head of our IT department finally contacted Deutsche Telekom.
The provider can delete malicious traffic from the network backbone. That way, a line will only receive as much data as it can actually process. We then drew up whitelists with Deutsche Telekom in order to only let in certain requests. After a few days, the DDoS attack died down and Deutsche Telekom made our line transparent again. We can’t afford to take this attack lightly: it can be very costly, particularly during production when we need to send large volumes of data to customers or service providers. This is why we signed up for Deutsche Telekom’s DDoS Defense solution. As soon as we spot unusual data traffic patterns, we call Deutsche Telekom and they will start taking defensive measures within two hours. 
For us, the moral of the story is this: in order to compete in the digital age and meet your customers’ requirements at any time, day or night, you need maximum network and service availability – especially if you’re in the service sector. Security solutions like DDoS Defense need to be part of every company’s toolkit.”

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