The Open Telekom Cloud Truck explains possible uses of the cloud to interested visitors right outside their front door.
Open Telekom Cloud

When clouds travel.

Nimbus on tour: the Open Telekom Cloud Truck has been traveling throughout Europe for weeks. When it stopped at Allianz’s offices in Unterföhring, Germany, T-Systems experts demonstrated how the public cloud could benefit the insurance industry.
Author: Sebastian Mainzer
Photos: T-Systems, Thomas Friedl 
Cloud Computing lives up to its name all too well. Like a mass of water vapor, an IT cloud is hard to grasp. At least, that is, until T-Systems’ Open Telekom Cloud Truck arrives. At the end of January, the semi-trailer stopped at Allianz AG in Unterföhring, near Munich, where T-Systems experts explained possible uses of the cloud to interested visitors right outside their front door.
Huge crowds. Hundreds of Allianz employees poured into the truck to learn about public cloud solutions – from IT business analysts to the CIO to several management board members. “The Open Telekom Cloud is virtually made for the insurance industry. Risk assessment is a good use case since it will often suddenly consume large amounts of IT resources,” said Dieter Vollmar, Head of Solution Sales IT Data Center Services. “I wasn’t aware that T-Systems had combined so many partners and possibilities into a single ecosystem,” said Jörg Treiner, Chief IT Architect for Allianz Germany, after visiting the truck. 
But what about trust in data security and data protection? That matters to everyone, not just insurers. Indeed, one of the most hotly discussed questions was, “How do you keep customer data secure?” Vollmar’s response: “With certified, highly secure data centers and data protection that meets exacting German regulatory standards. That inspires the kind of customer trust that’s unparalleled in the market."
The Open Telekom Truck will be touring Europe until the middle of the year. It can even visit your company if you wish. Simply send a no-obligation inquiry with “Open Telekom Cloud Truck” in the subject line.

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