The twin-core data center in Biere is one of the most technically advanced and secure facilities anywhere in the world.
Data center Biere

House of Clouds – home to all the big names.

Two ICT heavyweights, one hails from the USA, the other from China. So what do Cisco and Huawei have in common? They both believe in Biere. This small village near Magdeburg, with a population of just 2,400, attracts almost all the ICT industry movers and shakers.
Author: Thorsten Rack
Photos: Deutsche Telekom AG,
Illustration: Barbara Geising,
Surprising? Only at first glance. Just two years ago, T-Systems chose to build a cloud data center of exceptional quality at this very spot. It is one of most technically advanced and secure facilities anywhere in the world. Industry experts refer to it admiringly as the House of Clouds. And it is home to all of the big names in ICT. The “tenants” include more than 50 hardware and software providers.
“Companies find exactly what they are looking for in Biere: exceptional security and reliability, plus strict, made-in-Germany data protection. It’s an unbeatable combination,” explains Ferri Abolhassan, Director of the IT Division at T-Systems and responsible for Deutsche Telekom Security. It therefore comes as no surprise that interest in what has been dubbed the “German data bunker” by leading weekly Die Welt is mounting. In fact, demand is so strong that an expansion of the twin-core data center is scheduled to commence this summer. The original budget factored in funds to upgrade the facility. The project is slated for completion by early summer 2018. It is expected to have a hefty nine-figure price tag, and will ramp up processing power and storage by 150 percent. Once the new server rooms are completed, the facility in Biere will operate IT equipment with total power input of 18 megawatts (18 million watts).

Energy-efficiency: raising the bar

These are not the only criteria that put the data center in Biere top of its class. The facility leverages cutting-edge technology to achieve exceptional energy-efficiency – raising the bar in terms of green IT – with electricity consumption fully 30 percent lower than is typical with conventional data centers. In addition, its power usage effectiveness (PUE) ratio of 1.3 is remarkably low.
Facts about the data center in Biere
“The fact that we have so many major names from the worlds of hardware and software gathered here in Biere creates a veritable powerhouse. And better still, it is an environmentally friendly one,” Ferri Abolhassan states. “This unique ecosystem of market leaders, combined with our Zero Outage quality assurance program, means customers enjoy unbeatable flexibility and choice – with tailor-made services that can be scaled and modified in line with their rapidly changing imperatives.”
Moreover, the entire offering is free from the shackles of vendor lock-in. And in this respect, too, Biere plays a pivotal role: “Our Un-Outsourcer offering gives new customers, and existing customers renewing their contracts, a unique option: after the hypercare phase, they are at liberty to terminate their Dynamic Services for SAP and SAP HANA agreements at extremely short notice, no questions asked. It is Biere and its remarkable resources that make that possible.” It is not just the big multinationals who stand to gain, and agility is not limited to private cloud environments. Biere also delivers public cloud services, such as Open Telekom Cloud and DSI Intercloud, to small and mid-size enterprises. In fact, the partner network that operates in Biere makes a huge variety of solutions possible, for organizations of all shapes and sizes. In each case, those solutions come with bulletproof security, total quality and maximum availability. 

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