Best Practice 02/2018: Brilliant prospects – the amazing capabilities of predictive analytics.
Issue 02/2018

Brilliant prospects

The amazing capabilities of predictive analytics.
Adel Al-Saleh, CEO of T-Systems

Think like your customers.

Adel Al-Saleh, Board Member of T-Systems Deutsche Telekom AG and CEO of T-Systems.



Analyze IT

Edge computing for everyone.

For AI expert Katharina Morik at the University of Dortmund, there are hardly any processes that cannot be improved. The challenge is making intelligent learning available on edge computing-enabled micro devices.



A & O: Breaking open data silos.

In the first step towards data science, RapidMiner founder Ralf Klinkenberg believes companies have to break open their data silos and connect data across all processes.


Guest book

Algorithmic learning curve.

Infallibility is something superhuman. To believe that algorithms are automatically predestined to make no mistakes is a fallacy. Computer science professor Stefan Wrobel from the University of Bonn recommends how to control self-learning systems.


Best Practices


B.E.A.S.T. to hackers: I’ll eat you up!

Using a big data enhanced analytics system (B.E.A.S.T.), North Rhine-Westphalian law enforcement is running a fast and highly secure cybercrime forecasting and analysis system in the NRW Police Cloud in the fight against hackers.


IoT for SMB

Where the IoT blooms flowers.

The literally flourishing horticultural business relies on a predictive analytics solution to keep up with the supply chain speed of its nationwide customers.


CIO Talk

CIO Talk with Vitro.

Humberto Figueroa, CIO of one of the largest glass manufacturers in the world, talks about the clocks clearly ticking on globally growing companies and the increasing importance of forward-looking production and logistics.


Public transport

Missed connection? – never again.

In public transportation in the Ruhr area, more and more municipalities are using an intermodal information and communication system that links rail and road traffic together.


Data Intelligence Center

From digital graveyard to data treasure

According to IDC, up to 33 percent of the information in the digital universe is unused. In a marketplace that includes a custodian role, things look different.


Transport and logistics

Accelerated process.

Water, air, and land freight routes can be cut by up to 30 percent with a digitized escort.