Future Mobility: Cars will become smart devices, perfectly tailored to each user's needs.

From automobile to autopilot.

Connectivity, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics with big data will revolutionize the future of motor vehicles. Every day, these market drivers give rise to brand-new services enabled by fast, stable and secure Internet connections. Connected cars account for 80 percent of new vehicles. These "data centers on wheels" are becoming juicy targets for cybercriminals, however. To address this concern, T-Systems and Deutsche Telekom have developed an end-to-end security solution – a form of cyber defense as a service – for the entire automotive ecosystem, from mobile security to backend security.
Author: Guido Reinking
Illustration: Cindy Schmid

Protecting cars from cyber crime 24/7

The solution's core is an application known as Embedded Security Locks, or ESLOCKS for short. This cloud-based intrusion detection system recognizes cyber attacks launched against the car and immediately takes countermeasures, for example if a hacker tries to disable the windshield wipers during a rainstorm. The self-learning system spots anomalies in a single vehicle or across entire fleets and bundles the resulting insights into 24/7 security updates for the entire vehicle network.
For carmakers like Daimler, Audi and BMW or for infrastructure projects in e-mobility, “virtually all innovations rely on cloud applications that intelligently link data and information from multiple sources and provide anytime, anyplace access to it,” explained Dr. Marc Schmickler from T-Systems. The SI expert is convinced that “the implementation of innovations cannot be permanently separated from an organization’s standard IT set-up, but rather requires an integrated strategy for a holistic digital concept”.

“Cars will become smart devices, perfectly tailored to each user’s unique needs.”
Dieter May, SVP digital services and business models BMW group
One fast, painless way to the cloud is Cloudifier, a managed service offered by TSI Global IT. It quickly and reliably transforms applications to cloud services on a defined schedule for a fixed price, or simply builds cloud-native applications from the ground up for customers. “Cloudifier is a customer promise that enables organizations to easily and rapidly deploy business ideas and innovation projects while retaining full cost and performance control and visibility.”
Connecting vehicles to drivers, central backends and the surrounding environment is essential for autonomous mobility. But this is where conventional cellular networks struggle to keep up. That is why T-Systems is collaborating with the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence to build a communications system based on the future 5G mobile network standard. The German state of Saarland, in particular, is supposed to serve as the nation’s pilot region for this vital technology that will enable safe, secure driverless cars. Someday soon, rush-hour chaos may be transformed into a calm, orderly procession.

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