A new perspective

We focus thoroughly on hot topics of the ICT industry – from Big Data to Security.

All perspectives

Internet of Things

Industry 4.0 meets Smart Objects

The Internet of Things signifies connected value chains as well as secure machine-to-machine communication. Smartphones and wearables such as data goggles make people part of this network.


Future Workplace

Collaboration any time, at any place

The future workplace has to meet requirements regarding mobility, flexibility and productivity – and at the same time guarantee secure access.


Future Networks

The Future is well connected

Digitization depends on a performant network. Which new requirements does this impose on future networks and how is their mode of transmission designed?


House of Clouds

Private, public, hybrid

The cloud remains a hot topic in ICT industry. With different types and technologies it can meet diverse requirements und serves as a basis for IT transformation processes.



Security – simply make it happen

Digital business models can only be realized permanently when a security architecture is adapted to the transformation processes and considered right from the beginning (security by design).


Big Data

Big Chances

Connected cars, tracking of location-based data, automated monitoring of machines – an immense amount of data is created during the day. These data provide chances  – when treated responsively.