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Fully managed SD-WAN

IntraSelect SD-WAN offers bandwidths of up to 100 Gbit/s and smart step-by-step migration

Secure and agile: company networks with IntraSelect SD-WAN

There’s no greater SD-WAN management: at T-Systems, companies get a Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) including MPLS and internet as transport networks. This enables businesses to monitor and adapt their network centrally, to connect clouds more easily, and to route data streams intelligently via hybrid networks – without having to worry about time-consuming network management. T-Systems takes over operation of both network levels around the clock.

Security made in Germany

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The service fulfills the highest standards when it comes to security and data protection: Central management components are operated according to strict German data protection guidelines in the Open Telekom Cloud. The service is also entirely in the hands of Deutsche Telekom. All components have successfully undergone the “Privacy and Security Assessment” (PSA) testing process of Deutsche Telekom. T-Systems also offers support with the migration of the existing MPLS-VPN to SD-WAN: Following a proven approach, the network is switched segment by segment. A gateway between the new and old WAN connects already migrated sites and branches without an SD-WAN connection.

Instead of “do it yourself”: managed SD-WAN

Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) are very much on the up: According to a study by Sapio Research, some 10 percent of companies from the U.S. and Great Britain with global operations have already realized an initial SD-WAN project. Many others are in the starting blocks. Through migration to SD-WAN, companies particularly want to improve their options in terms of IT security, optimize their business continuity, and reduce the costs for WANs. Once they have decided to implement SD-WAN, CIOs and network professionals are spoilt for choice. After all, the market is teeming with different players. For example, there are manufacturers like Cisco, Juniper, and Silver Peak, which sometimes market SD-WAN software and hardware directly to interested parties. In this case, companies often have to implement and operate the solution themselves. Moreover, it is important to check which technology is the best fit. According to Frost & Sullivan, for around 60 percent of companies worldwide, one important decision-making criterion is that the SD-WAN provider offers cloud-based security services and WAN acceleration.

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Managed service providers help with SD-WAN choice

Companies usually get all-round, hassle-free packages from global network operators like T-Systems, which supply SD-WAN as a fully managed service. This means that they take over the setup, operation, and orchestration of SD-WAN and IP-VPN. If companies obtain their WAN from a different provider, they can gradually switch to IntraSelect SD-WAN with T-Systems: In an initial step, they book a pure overlay with smart SD-WAN, changing to a fully managed SD-WAN in a second step.

According to an SDxCentral study, over half of companies see the choice of SD-WAN provider and solution as the biggest challenge in migration. “Wading through a huge number of providers is a great challenge,” the authors of the study conclude. “That’s why we expect the SD-WAN market to develop toward a managed model.”

IntraSelect SD-WAN: the integrated managed service for SD-WAN and IP-VPN

IntraSelect SD-WAN: the integrated managed service for SD-WAN and IP-VPN

Company requirements are complex when it comes to modern WAN infrastructure. Security and stability are at the forefront. That’s why we support you with end-to-end management, constant growth in functional diversity, and smart step-by-step migration.

Managed services

  • End-to-end SLAs for SD-WAN overlay and IP-VPN underlay
  • 24/7 zero-outage operation, for sites in Germany initially and globally in the future
  • End-to-end management by an expert team and using Deutsche Telekom’s own infrastructure: in German computer centers and according to German data protection regulations
  • Managed underlay on the basis of IntraSelect Fixed Connect: MPLS, internet, Ethernet, and cellular network
  • Central orchestration of SD-WAN and IP-VPN by specialized team
  • Joint ITIL operation processes for overlay and underlay
  • SD-WAN technology from certified technology partner Cisco
  • Suitable for large international companies: bandwidths of up to 100 Gbit/s, connection of thousands of locations, and complex network designs possible
  • Advice concerning network design, migration, and operation

SD-WAN functions

IntraSelect SD-WAN offers the functional diversity of SD-WAN – tested very thoroughly. T-Systems is constantly developing new features and so reacts quickly to new customer requirements. Features include:

  • Intelligent routing via hybrid networks: IntraSelect SD-WAN distributes data streams dynamically depending on application and current network load to MPLS and internet connections for the WAN, increasing the availability and performance of your hybrid networks.
  • One-box design: Companies reduce their energy and operating costs with just one single device for WAN access. Universal CPE (uCPE) brings together the connections for SD-WAN, MPLS-VPN, and internet-VPN, as well as virtual network functions (VNFs) such as firewalls and WAN acceleration.
  • Interoperability with IntraSelect Fixed Connect: A gateway connects the old network with the new one. This enables step-by-step migration. Companies can also leave individual locations on the traditional network.
  • Secure local internet access: Local internet gateways can be centrally managed and monitored. This means that companies can, for example, introduce new firewall regulations at all locations practically at the push of a button. Perfect for the simple, secure, and high-performance connection of public clouds.

SD-WAN migration

Smart LUCI migration
  • Proven migration process focusing on the operational stability of the network (see graphic)
  • Individual adaptation of the approach depending on network structure and company desires
  • Interoperability between SD-WAN and existing MPLS network on the basis of IntraSelect Fixed Connect

IntraSelect SD-WAN reference

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