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02-Aug-2017 Scott Cairns, CTO & Head of UK Security Practice at T-Systems Ltd., talks about the latest trends and changes in cybersecurity with Mirko Zorz, Editor in Chief at Help Net Security. Find out more
30-Jun-2017 T-Systems Ltd. has been assessed by the IT Governance Ltd against the Cyber Essentials Scheme Test Specification and certified for the level of “Cyber Essentials” meeting government-endorsed ... Find out more
07-Jun-2017 Today’s urban areas are growing at a faster pace than ever before – in 1800, only 3% of the world population lived in cities. By 1900, that number had risen to 14%, by 1950 to 30%, and in 2008, ... Find out more
31-May-2017 In the latest edition of Finance Monthly, Dr. Frank-Stephan Hardt, T-Systems’ Director of Finance, talks about the finance department at the company, his own role, challenges that ICT providers ... Find out more
10-Apr-2017 T-Systems is seen as an innovation leader in the highly competitive cloud market. That is why the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary has received a cloud award from Frost & Sullivan consultants. Find out more
10-Apr-2017 Stephan Hardt warns: “The environment is a very dynamic one in which we live and work as an ICT provider. Find out more
07-Apr-2017 Not every application is right for the cloud. Bespoke applications, those containing sensitive data and software that has been heavily customised may not be suited for the public cloud. Find out more
07-Apr-2017 If you are at the point of having decided that you want to move your SAP instance into the cloud, your next step is probably to choose a cloud server hosting provider who will be your partner for ... Find out more
07-Apr-2017 For an organisation with hundreds of users, disparate applications, SAP modifications, several forms of integration and a system that in its basic form does still work, a move to the cloud can ... Find out more