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20-Jan-2017 Prof. Michael Burmester explains in an interview why user experience is becoming increasingly important in human-machine interfaces. Find out more
19-Jan-2017 Neurosurgeons operate more precisely, pilots land more safely and employees around the globe collaborate more easily – from avatar to avatar. Find out more
01-Dec-2016 When used in mobile field service, tablets and smartphones enable the time-saving coordination of on-site assignments and paperless documentation. Find out more
26-Oct-2016 Many companies are moving forward with mobile working without having a comprehensive mobility strategy. How can they change this? Find out more
21-Sep-2016 Digitization shortens distances: Researchers at Freie Universität Berlin share information with their colleagues around the globe thanks to videoconference technology. Find out more
31-Aug-2016 Labor economist Dr. Alessio J. G. Brown explains how we can benefit from the changes in the working world. Find out more
23-Aug-2016 Digitizing work processes makes you more mobile and efficient, and allows you to network skills. The technical foundation for this comprises connectivity, platforms and data security. Find out more