White paper: Smart Solutions for Sustainable Cities

Smart Solutions for Sustainable Cities

The Importance of Being Smart

Every week, three million people worldwide move into cities, which means that the number of urban residents will increase to 6.5 billion by 2050 – two out of three people, will live in cities by then. This trend clearly shows the increasing importance of urban centres. The urbanization, in combination with limited resources and tight budgets, is leading to a number of challenges that cities need to deal with rather sooner than later.
The Smart City concept provides solutions that can tackle these challenges on a local and regional level. Our current whitepaper “Smart Solutions for Sustainable Cities” provides insights about the underlying technologies enabling Smart Cities, and look at how integrated infrastructure and smart solutions enable the digital transformation of urban space and help cities to become more sustainable.

Learn how emerging trends and technologies will affect the further evolution of Smart Cities by downloading the whitepaper now.