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Customer Experience Management Automotive

Customer Experience Management Automotive

Connection between OEM, dealer, repair shop and customer

Kornelia Bogen

UK Marketing Executive

The information and communication technology in the automotive industry is currently undergoing a paradigm shift towards digitalization. It is decisive for success to establish customer relationships while the customers’ requirements are constantly rising – today and in the future.
CEM Automotive - the connection between OEM, dealer, garage and customer
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CEM Automotive - the connection between OEM, dealer, garage and customer
This is where the solution Customer Experience Management Automotive (CEM Automotive) is tying in – a digital and mobile platform that connects all relevant stakeholders. All necessary Sales & Aftersales (SAS) processes are provided as Software as a Service (SaaS) both in a portal and in a mobile environment: globally from the secure T-Systems cloud, directly and 24/7. In order to guarantee this, we focus especially on user, vehicle, and location-based services. Mobile and interactive.

Customer Experience Management Automotive
  • Knowing which visitor was interested in which vehicle – at anytime, even outside business hours
  • Create personalized offers
  • Quantified and qualified analysis
  • Usage of social media information from the customer analysis
  • Vehicle receipt is done directly with the customer at the vehicle. This enables the interactive integration of the customer into the service process.
  • Mobile service receipt including direct pricing information on vehicle-based services and packages
  • Documentation of damages
  • Booking of appointments online and mobile – from the test drive to the service appointment
  • Data transfer directly from the mobile device of the dealer to the Dealer Management System (DMS)
  • Transparency of the vehicle location during the whole service process and on the dealer ground
  • View the actual process step of each vehicle in the service and receive the ensure a timely collection of the vehicle
The development of these Customer Experience Management Automotive Services is based on a CRM automotive platform from the cloud. This enables the systematical shaping and the continuous management of customer relationships. Customer Experience Management Automotive from the T-Systems Cloud comprises three services that address the two most important contact points in the SAS market: the contact point when customers are interested in or buy a vehicle as well as when they request services from the repair shop.
Solutions of Customer Experience Management Automotive at a glance.
The three solutions of Customer Experience Management Automotive at a glance.

Customer Experience Management Automotive Showroom Proximity – Interactive Showroom Experience

The car dealership receives transparent and personalized information about the visitors of the showroom area. Thus the possibility for interaction and information exchange arises, even outside the showroom’s opening hours and on the outdoor exhibition grounds of the dealership. By request, the visitor receives all product data as well as further information on financing and leasing right up to the possibility to book a test drive – via mobile device or directly on site. No matter if documents, images or videos – the potential customer can view and compare everything again at home via the app.
With Customer Experience Management Automotive the dealer is able to see the customer response for each product and initiate targeted follow-up actions afterwards. Personalized offerings can be sent to the customer. Moreover, the dealer can analyze behavioral patterns based on an evaluation and then link the results to social media data. The solution deploys state-of-the-art iBeacon technology. With the help of these iBeacons, information about the vehicles can be downloaded via Bluetooth directly to the smartphone.

Customer Experience Management Automotive Service Check – Directly and Mobile with a Tablet

The vehicle check-in is conducted directly at the vehicle. Customers are interactively involved into the service process. The service consultant can go through the checklist and simultaneously record damages of the vehicle via tablet pc with an integrated camera function. Instant, vehicle specific price and package information is available on the tablet pc to ensure an all new customer experience.

Customer Experience Management Automotive Service Tracking – Vehicle Location is Transparent

With Service Tracking customer vehicles in the service process and pool vehicles on the dealer’s premises are easier to track and find. For this process, iBeacons are placed in the vehicle. They transmit the exact position to the dealer during the service process as well as on the dealer’s premises.
Additional benefits through Customer Experience Management by T-Systems.
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