Open Telekom Cloud

Open Telekom Cloud

Simple. Secure. Affordable.

  • Computing, storage, network and security from the public cloud
  • Configure online & scale as required
  • APIs to allow easy integration with your existing IT Landscape
  • Hosted at secured in German Data Centres
  • 99.95 percent availability

Open Telekom Cloud


Why Open Telekom Cloud

  • Maximum security and affordable prices
    Open Telekom Cloud is an Infrastructure as a Service solution that couples the highest level of security, competitive pricing and is designed with European data privacy concerns in mind.
  • Flexible CPU, RAM, Storage & Networking Options
    Optimize the hardware and network configuration for your application, define the auto-scaling rules to ensure performance and enjoy peace of mind with the remote monitoring & alerts.
  • Based On OpenStack – No Vendor Lock-In
    As Open Telekom Cloud is built upon Open Stack you have the ability to port workloads in and out of the cloud with no vendor lock-in, delivering the flexibility your business needs.
  • Pay-as-you-go services charged by the minute
    Two pricing models are available with the Open Telekom Cloud: With Open Elastic, customers only pay for the resources they actually use. The Reserved model allows customers to order resources for a period of 12, 24 or 36 months at discounted rates.
  • Large or Small? "We have your size”
    Open Telekom Cloud gives organisations of all sizes the ability to right size their infrastructure needs and scale up or down as their requirements dictate – a tailored approach that delivers the right fit.