SAP Services from the public cloud – fast, simple, and reliable

SAP® Solutions from the public cloud

How to get started securely and easily

  • Flexibly managed SAP services from the SAP-certified public cloud
  • Ramp up performance quickly, test applications, launch development projects
  • Fully functional SAP appliances for SAP HANA®, SAP S/4HANA®, ERP, BI, BW
  • As a managed or unmanaged service
  • High-performance IaaS with the latest server technology
Kornelia Bogen

UK Marketing Executive

The secure cloud for your SAP projects

Ramping up performance quickly, testing systems, setting up a project, starting training sessions, or switching on the data turbo with SAP HANA® – it would be great to be able to do this easily and without further ado. This is precisely what T-Systems Public Cloud for SAP® Solutions has to offer. The platform to use SAP applications flexibly and at any time. 
Thus, SAP HANA® and the latest SAP S/4HANA® software are also conquering the market as the perfect supplement for short-term requirements. Using VPN or MPLS, the systems can be integrated into existing SAP landscapes. All applications are available as fully functional appliances – complete setups instead of individual Lego bricks. The predefined services are provided in the familiar operating quality on the SAP-certified T-Systems Public Cloud. In addition to the Open Telekom Cloud, AnyCloud such as Microsoft Azure and others are available as potential platforms.
Only T-Systems offers infrastructure and applications from a single source – either as a managed or unmanaged service.
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Deploy” SAP HANA® with just a few mouse clicks into a secure Public Cloud

IT requirements continue to increase in complexity. The challenge is combining both the need for agility and meeting the requirements in regards to high processing and storage capabilities. In light of that, a promise like “Deploy SAP HANA in only 15 minutes” does sound rather good. Hansjörg Gross, Senior SAP Portfolio Architect at T-Systems, shows how to make that happen.

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SAP® Solutions from the Public Cloud with the pay-as-you-go model

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The pay-as-you-go model guarantees maximum scalability. In next to no time, SAP Services can be used flexibly and whenever they are needed. Workloads can be increased, SAP systems tested, a project set up, training sessions started or SAP HANA and the latest S/4HANA software trialed – the perfect solution for meeting short-term requirements. Users can easily run the latest SAP software for hours, days or any other period of time.

Predefined SAP appliances: flexible, secure and readily available

T-Systems provides SAP services from the Public Cloud along with infrastructure and applications from a single source. The user can choose from both Managed Service and Self-Managed Service. In short: SAP Solutions from the Public Cloud are the ideal and secure way to use SAP application whenever they are needed. With the latest technology, maximum flexibility and scalability, and without any risk. In the future, success in business will be dependent on being able to digitize value creation seamlessly and make processes more flexible.

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