T-Systems Introduces Digital Transformation for the Healthcare Industry

Nov 8, 2018

Digital transformation in the healthcare industry is growing rapidly. The opportunity continues to be carried out by T-Systems as one of the global system integrators in the industry. Managing Director for T-Systems Asia South, Arkadiusz Czopor revealed, the digital transformation of the health industry remains highly important. Players in the healthcare industry need to implement a variety of applications and technologies that enable more efficient automation, better decision making, stronger connectivity with customers and other external parties. He explained, T-Systems is working with SAP Indonesia to provide integrated health solutions for health industry players in Indonesia. One of them is Eka Hospital, a hospital in Indonesia that implements SAP healthcare solutions, logistics, and financial management with T-Systems. In addition, there is Mitra Keluarga Hospital, that has implemented SAP Electronic Medical Records and Business Process Management. This solution enhances the ability of Mitra Keluarga to receive reliable, real-time operational and clinical information while optimizing their decision making process and revenue optimization.