T-Systems & IBM Security

Cyber attacks are increasing day by day and this is becoming a common problem among companies. You hear a lot about these attacks which could range from Data breaches to ransomware attacks, phishing etc. Your management is always looking for answers and ways to ensure it doesn’t happen, so for every risk there is always an opportunity. To be number one in the industry, you need to make sure you deliver the best.
With Client centricity being on the forefront of what we do, T-Systems will be there to Help you to navigate through any security related issues. We are committed, trusted and experienced in the Incident Management, Security Intelligence and Remediation in Singapore to support your security needs.

Are you ready? Because we are.

Are You Ready ???

T-Systems and IBM Security are partnering to protect customers from advanced persistent threats and keeping their data safe.

  1. Are you ready to detect and block unauthorized access to your critical data before it falls into the wrong hands?
  2. Are you ready to leverage AI to investigate and pre-empt threats to your organisation before they happen?
  3. Are you ready to orchestrate your response to security incidents, ensuring the response chain is executed and you're compliant?

How can we help you?

  • We offer a managed SIEM to detect anomalies within your network.
  • Our experienced security analysts then evaluate whether they are dealing with a security incident in real time.
  • Delivering protection from advanced persistent threats As well as safeguarding domains and digital identities.

Meet the team

Security starts with every one
Lay the foundations for secure ICT Systems with Network Security.

Lay the foundations for secure ICT Systems with Network Security.

Lay the foundations for secure ICT Systems with Network Security.

Ricky Ng – Security Director, Asia South
Partnering with clients across Asia South to address their cyber security needs
Andrea Ho – Common Criteria Evaluation
Protecting you from the reputational and financial risks posed by cyber threats
Clayton Don Corda – Human Resources
Sourcing and recruiting the talent needed to effectively manage your security operations
Cybercriminals are causing more and more damages with targeted attacks. The attackers’ methods are becoming more refined, i.e. sandboxing technologies are tricked by initially inactive, sleeping malware. They then move laterally to spread through the network, which makes it more difficult for the detection software to find them.
For this reason, a central SIEM system is required which monitors all these activities within the network and beyond and renders them visible through alarm messages. Only then can the security officers keep an overview and fulfil the tasks assigned to them. If the SIEM is operated from a SOC, as is the case with T-Systems offers, companies will also profit from the expertise and skills of our experienced security analysts. They can filter out false positive messages and support IT Security in finding and removing dangerous malware. To this end, T-Systems has entered a cooperation with IBM Security from which both companies can deliver increased benefit to customers due to the threat data coming from both threat intelligence platforms.