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Corporate Governance with our Customers

Our Customers’ Corporate Governance

We offer our customers more flexibility for their core business: Because we support them with our services – also with the issue of corporate governance.
T-Systems helps you, so that you can fulfill your corporate governance rules and regulations trouble-free. Because we know that particularly with the outsourcing of ICT services, it is important that you can rely on your business partner. Because corporate-governance rules – such as the US Sarbanes-Oxley Act – specify certain requirements and monitoring procedures, and companies have to provide evidence that they adhere to them. The chain of evidence also extends to ICT providers and their suppliers.
If desired, we therefore document our customers’ adherence to the Sarbanes-Oxley requirements in selected data centers with a so-called SAS70 Type II Report (SAS = Statement on Auditing Standards). In its standard form, this report covers the basic infrastructure of the IT systems. It is prepared each year by our external auditors after the audit, and is then provided to our customers. Individually, additional checks can be carried out as a supplement to the report. The report is updated each year after being checked by our auditors and is then provided to our customers. The public sector and SMEs also profit from this high quality level, although corporate-governance rules are often only recommendations for them.

With a view to environmental goals

In another sense of corporate governance, T-Systems supports you in pursuing your business goals in a sustainable manner. Because one of our environmental goals is to develop ICT solutions and quantified analyses for our customers that fulfill environmental and sustainability requirements. Our customers reduce their economic and ecological costs through intelligent data management and IT-based real-time communication.
Despite all the control mechanisms and audit processes, we never forget the human factor. If you should notice any irregularities in our business relations, please let us know through our Whistleblower Portal. We also regard that as a part of good corporate governance and as a precondition for long-term, successful customer relations.