Company profile of T-Systems International GmbH, one of the leading ICT specialists headquartered in Frankfurt/Main
Corporate Governance with our Partners

Corporate Governance in a Spirit of Partnership

We believe that corporate governance does not stop at the boundaries of the company. Our suppliers and other business associates also have to apply the same high internal benchmarks in their companies as we do.
With the Code of Conduct and the Social Charter, T-Systems has approved a set of behavioral guidelines for the company and its employees. We expect our suppliers and business associates to adhere to similar codes of conduct and commit to fulfilling the Social Charter.
One of our principles is that we resolutely fight against corruption and the exploitation of conflicts of interests to the disadvantage of the company. We tolerate neither improper influence on decision-makers in our client companies nor the seeking of unauthorized personal advantage by our employees. If you are aware of any improper conduct, please let us know through our Whistleblower Portal.
In addition to intentional infringements of the principles of good corporate governance, damage can also be caused by negligent behavior. We therefore regard the protection of data, the monitoring of business principles and processes, and the protection of assets as certified components of good business relations.

Value for our customers

Our shared goal is to create value for our customers by providing them with innovative and reliable products and services. In line with our Corporate Vision, we encourage excellent performance and integrity. Wherever necessary, we effectively sanction any improper conduct. In this way, we succeed in the marketplace and fulfill our responsibility.