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Take the practical test as an intern

Lay the foundation for your career and get a taste of practical work. As an intern, you will get an insight into the company, become part of the team and make valuable contacts. What is working life really like? Who or what is behind this giant Group? Test your dream career in reality and decide whether it's really right for you. Take this opportunity and become part of our team!
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The practical way into T-Systems

For your first step toward practical work, we are looking for enrolled students or graduates who are aiming to do a master's course. What is important to us is that applicants are keen to learn, have their own ideas and, most of all, want to get involved. We need lateral thinkers. Are you creative and like to share ideas and information with others – possibly in English, too? Perfect! We look forward to meeting you.
Internship at a glance
  • Internships while you study: Because we believe in giving you the opportunity to apply your new know-how to real-life situations, we offer not only a wide range of vocational training options, but also mandatory and voluntary internships that take place during your course of academic study.
  • To make sure that your mandatory internship is optimally integrated in your curriculum, our mandatory internships start with four weeks and continue as long as required by your study regulations. Please contact your university for information about study regulations.
  • You can participate in a voluntary internship at any time during your course of study. The duration of these internships ranges from four weeks to a maximum of six months. During your internship you are entitled to holidays as stipulated by applicable labor laws.
T-Systems application process
The internship or Fexikum application process at a glance.

Graduate/Student entry options at T-Systems

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