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Start up!

More than a trainee program.

Your career launch pad: Our Start up! entry program

You have got a strategic brain and an entrepreneurial spirit. You have your graduation certificate on the wall and now you want to prove yourself on high-pressure projects. You can do it. Via our Start up! program , including outside Germany. Join one of Germany's most innovative employers now!
T-Systems ICT India HR Team

Our incubator for strategic minds and lateral thinkers.

The 15 to 18 month program brings you into close contact with our decision makers. You are given responsibility straight away and you get to know our various divisions on a range of projects. What you can expect: Five assignments (each of three to four months) in different business areas. Plus a detour to a European subsidiary. The Start up! package includes innovative training formats and events.

Designed for change drivers

You need to have three essential characteristics: an entrepreneurial mind, an openness to change, and a pronounced service orientation. If you are enthusiastic about innovations and would like to help develop them, all the better.
What we can guarantee you: With Start up! you will make a lot of contacts with co-workers, managers and other talented young people. You will always be close to decision makers and innovations. And afterwards? Responsible roles are waiting for you in our company.

Start up!

You determine your own focus area. With Start up!, in addition to T-Systems, you can apply to another six board departments and to our Start up! focusing on IT. Let your profile, skills and interests guide your decision.
  • T-Systems Board department
    Focus on: ICT (information and communication technology)
  • IT & Technology Board department
    Focus on: Technology and IT
And other areas:
  • Chairman’s department
    Focus on: Group Strategy, Brand Management, Communication, Political Communication, Products & Innovation
  • Finance Board department
    Focus on: Controlling, Accounting, Investor Relations, Mergers & Acquisition, Treasury, Taxes, Audit, Procurement
  • Human Resources Board department
    Focus on: HR Strategy, HR Controlling, HR Development, Change Management, Compensation & Benefits, HR Product and Process Management, Diversity
  • Germany Board department
    Focus on: Sales, Service / Customer Service, Marketing
  • Data Privacy, Legal Affairs and Compliance department
    Focus on: IT Security, Data Privacy and Security, Legal Affairs and Compliance
  • Europe Board department
    Focus on: European sales
Start up! offers far more than an ordinary trainee program. Because it is tailored to suit you, takes your interests and strengths into account, and helps you to plug gaps. Five postings will be waiting for you during the fifteen-to-eighteen month period. All your activities and projects are integrated into the Group's "Compete – Transform – Innovate" strategy.
You spend the familiarization phase in the Headquarters. Here the focus is on the strategy element "Compete". The aim is that you develop your customer, service and market awareness. You will find out how market share is won and new customers are secured.
There is no fixed sequence with the next three modules, "Transform", "Innovate" and "International Project Assignment". In "Transform" you will learn how to drive change. This part of the program deals with, for example, leaner processes and organizational restructuring. You will actively drive change and take responsibility for an idea, product or service.
With "Innovate" you will, of course, get stuck into our innovation areas and into new ideas which will change the market. And learn how to generate enthusiasm for innovation.
Finally, you will pack your bags. We want you to have a global mindset and to develop a sense of inter-cultural differences. So we send you to one of our subsidiaries in Europe which is of particular importance in terms of the Group's strategy.
Your final assignment as a Start up! participant is known as the "Deep Dive." You will again deal with a functional topic, in which you have a special interest. deepen your knowledge and develop your network.
Our Start up! participants come in all shapes and sizes but have one thing very much in common – they are strong personalities, like to be challenged, are curious, eager to learn, interested in people and technology, use their initiative and have a specific goal in mind. They may be humanities graduates, IT guys, engineers or business graduates. Do you recognize yourself again? If so, apply and persuade us.
What you can expect from us:
  • Projects geared to Group strategy
  • Coaching by an experienced manager
  • Mentoring by a senior manager
  • European assignment
  • A personal training budget
  • Projects in various Group departments
  • Networking events with colleagues and management
  • Assignments to projects involving sales/customers
  • Innovative training formats and events
What we expect from you:
  • A persuasive personality with a mentality to change things
  • A high level of customer, market and service orientation
  • A passion for innovation
  • Cost-efficient behavior
  • A very high level of personal responsibility
  • A degree with an above-average grade
  • Some practical experience at home and abroad
  • A good command of German and English
  • An affinity with the Group and the industry
  • Social commitment
You apply to the Start up! program online. Please remember: You should give us a full picture of yourself. What sort of personality are you? Why are you keen to work for T-Systems? Why are you perfect for Start up!? What do you expect from us, and what might we expect from you? What skills do you bring to the table? What are your professional and educational achievements? Have you spent time outside Germany? Do you have any skills or qualifications that could be important to us? Do you do any volunteer work that you are passionate about? Tell us about it, because we want to get to know you.
Maybe you think this doesn't sound like a typical application? If so, give us a synopsis that tells us more about you. Our tip: Don't worry about making us extremely curious. This type of synopsis is absolutely not obligatory, of course.
Telephone interview
We liked your online application. So of course we would like to get to know you. So we will call you and arrange a telephone interview. It will enable you to sharpen your profile and show your personality.
Group assessment center
Then we shall invite you to a group assessment center in Bonn. This selection process takes a day and a half. We want to find out how you behave in specific work situations. Whether you are a team player and creative.
Invitation to interview
You'll talk with employees from the department you applied to. Immediately afterwards, you'll find out whether you'll be joining us for Start up!
Your job offer
Congratulations! You've got through every round successfully. Your future co-workers are looking forward to meeting you. You are now an important part of T-Systems. As with the rest of the Start up! program, you decide when you start.
Your path to the trainee program
The Start up! trainee program application process at a glance.

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