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Our culture

Diversity shapes the way we act

Diversity of culture, talent and ideas

As an international company we combine a great diversity of cultures, ideas and talent. Diversity and tolerance keep a company competitive. Respect and integrity guide our behavior. We integrate a work-life balance in a challenging work environment where flexible, mobile working is welcome.
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Our culture & values

Diversity is a key driver for change in our corporate culture – and at the same time our contribution to true appreciation and respect in society. At the moment key issues in the Group include, above all, gender, work-life balance, age and ethnic origin.
We follow five Guiding Principles that shape the way we think and act within the Group. They represent our values and define what we stand for, how we work together and what we believe. Respect and integrity, guide our behavior and we overcome challenges with team work.

Our Guiding Principles

Customer delight and simplicity drive our action
We don't just want customers to be satisfied, but want to delight them with our services.
Respect and integrity guide our behavior
We respect our co-workers, customers, partners and suppliers. We support the success of T-Systems and Deutsche Telekom with an open, honest culture.
Team together – Team apart
We aim to discuss issues openly within the team. There has to be room for differences of opinion and for tough, controversial discussions. Once a decision has been made, however, it must be implemented thoroughly and consistently by all team players.
Best place to perform and grow
Our success is based on motivated, well-trained employees. That's why this Guiding Principle requires all management staff to recognize individual commitment and success and to promote a positive environment with opportunities for growth and development.
I am T – count on me
I stand for the T (T-Systems and Deutsche Telekom): customers, co-workers and partners can rely on me.
Culture and values at T-Systems
Which is why diversity is the order of the day. The people who work here are old or young, men or women, with or without disabilities, hetero or homosexuals, from different ethnic and religious backgrounds. We try to make sure that they all get the same opportunities.
We give older employees career opportunities, too, and we prepare the 50plus generation for the challenges of the digital future. We are currently in the midst of great cultural change, and we try to support each individual in their current life situation.
The Fair Share program has been set up to manage the implementation of the women's quota throughout the Group. It is important to us that the selection and staffing process as well as development programs reflect the diverse potentials existing within society. From junior staff to executives, our aim is to have at least 30 percent women in all programs. A higher proportion of women promotes cultural change in the Group and offers personal benefits for all employees. The women's quota is accompanied by measures which emphasize the balance of work with private life; even men can benefit.
People learn in every organization. The employees, as individuals and as role bearers in teams and in organizational units, rise to the challenges of their tasks. When the learning of individuals and of teams is harmonized with respect to the completion of their tasks and cooperation, an organization is adaptive. The prerequisite for an adaptive organization is the coordination of learning processes with the focus of learning on problem solution and innovation. This is why T-Systems demands and supports adaptivity of every function and at every stage. Feedback and reflection are part of our active learning processes. In so doing, we integrate the Guiding Principles in our day-to-day work.
"In the end, it's not what we said and thought that counts, but rather what we did and dared to do. That's what I call leadership," is how Tim Höttges defines the new leadership culture. External influences such as increasing digitization, changing markets and new structures in the work environment require a new leadership behavior. The three leadership principles Empower to perform, Collaborate and Innovate provide guidance in this respect. The leadership principles and the Guiding Principles are not contradictory, but complement each other perfectly.
What was working well yesterday may no longer be expedient tomorrow. For example, if you take work organization: more and more tasks and issues can be better resolved in flexible project structures than in inflexible hierarchies and departments. This also brings changes to the leadership culture: less control, more encouragement to take responsibility, and cross-departmental cooperation, for example.
Social networks in the workplace foster information exchange, collaboration and learning in the Group. The TSN, our global collaboration platform, is a place for internal communication and cooperation where the Group's knowledge is gathered and shared. Networking means that our employees can resolve issues quickly, as in most cases the necessary know-how is already available within the Group. Our internal social network is a tool which helps to find the colleagues with the knowledge required. In contrast to the "real" world of work, hierarchies and organizational structures are of no importance here. So our TSN acts as an important tool for creating an adaptive organization and is one of the largest and fastest growing corporate social networks in the world, which, among other things, can be put down to the huge size of the Group.
We feel it is important to have a strong feedback culture, so we regularly carry out an employee survey and a pulse survey. The employee survey is an opportunity. All staff are invited to give their views on issues that influence commitment and health and, thus, the performance of teams and organizations. The pulse survey measures comprehension, acceptance, and strategic issues in the change process. All this with the goal of remaining a powerful organization in the future.
We make our employees' innovative and creative potential visible. Depending on how mature your idea is, we have several ways of developing and working out ideas, such as the genial@telekom, Ideas Garden and Jam platforms. This ensures that even your tiniest flash of inspiration is nurtured in the best possible way.
Diversity Charter
The Diversity Charter is a corporate initiative to promote diversity in business enterprises.


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