Meet our colleague Llewellyn Pimenta, an IT manager in Pune.

Llewellyn Pimenta

What I do

I make sure that the day to day operations of IT within the Pune office run smoothly. I work on the delivery of new IT projects and enhancements, liaising with the delivery managers and leaders to keep them updated on the changes, issues and areas within IT which may directly impact delivery. I also ensure that the team is maintaining a high level of customer centricity and satisfaction in all their interactions with our colleagues.

Why I do it

When you work in a technology company, you have countless ways of moving society forwards. The Internet has made the world smaller, connecting people and touching lives. As an IT technician and with my job it motivates me that I help people stay connected.

How I have grown

There are many leaders throughout my career who have been instrumental in making me the person I am today. Leaders in the early part of my career set the example of treating your team with respect. Having seen the effect this had on me it was something I was keen to replicate as a leader. I am always learning more about teamwork from my colleagues which means that together we achieve more and more. Most importantly I learnt the attitude and humbleness that one needs to have, humble in accepting your mistakes and accept corrections even from those that report to you and the attitude to always be open to opportunities to learn.

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