Meet our colleague Sabeeka Lambe, a quality lead in Pune.

Sabeeka Lambe

What I do

The main focus of my role is to ensure the quality of all deliverables. For the QaaS team, my primary responsibility is to ensure that our team works with our customers in a way that we are part of their team and not just an outsider providing a service. Similarly for the GDE Process support, my primary role is to ensure that our team is providing the process support to the overall team. Along with that I ensure that other processes that I am handling are executed smoothly and work on continually improving them towards improved maturity and automation.

Why I do it

My main motivator is the transparency and culture that comes within our organization. This is one of the major differentiating factors. Right from the Leadership, to Sr management it is visible how every employee is valued and their ideas and contribution appreciated.

From the everyday work perspective, continuous improvement is something that I practice in my non work life too. So being able to work on this even at work actually makes office time feel like fun too.  This continuous improvement is something that adds value to our customers too and being a part of this value addition process really makes it all worthwhile. 

The pride I take

Our organization is very supportive and we do have a women’s network at T-Systems India.  This is a very cool platform that helps us gain inspiration from our women in leadership as well as a close community to discuss and share our passions. That makes this a place I am really proud to work in!

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