Meet our colleague Sunilraj Chavan, a senior IoT developer in Bangalore.

Sunilraj Chavan

What I do

I’m a senior developer who’s responsible for building microservices to connect IoT devices to different platforms. I build and monitor microservices which fetch, and process data sent from different IoT devices fitted in a building.

The applications I build help the customer better understand their premises. They retrieve data from the sensors fitted in the building at various locations such as meeting rooms, desks, chairs, washrooms etc. which provide data like occupancy, temperature, carbon dioxide values in the room and humidity to name but a few. With this data the building manager can more efficiently organise the facilities services.

Why I do it

I’m a passionate developer and I’ve always looked for opportunities in which I can grow professionally. At T-Systems I got the opportunity to work on a great project which was well suited to my experience and skills. Things have been great ever since, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to excel in my work and work with a wonderful team.

How I have grown

I started as a front end developer in the company, but soon my interests and expertise in the field of IoT were noted and I’ve been given other opportunities to grow and learn more. I have excellent colleagues that have helped me gain more technical knowledge and have always been supportive. I’ve had excellent mentors who always backed me for new challenges and opporutunities.

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