Meet our colleague Thilak Alva, an Agile coach in Bangalore.

Thilak Alva

What I do

As an Agile coach my work revolves around coaching others in the use of the Agile methodology along with implementation of the scrum methodology and a dash of project management. Basically I help others get the most out of Agile and keep our working practices up to date.

Why I do it

What motivates me is being challenged in work and no two days are the same and getting to work with great people really helps me to be passionate about what I do.

How I have grown 

I joined T-Systems as a Scrum Master 2 years ago, since then various job rotations have allowed me to wear the hats of a service delivery manager and a project manager meaning I have gained insights outside my field of expertise. These experiences have helped me to develop my knowledge in areas I may have not otherwise explored.

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