The applications in the PLM Cloud from T-Systems provide the foundation for complex product lifecycle management.
PLM Solution

PLM from the cloud

Product development and data management at the highest level

  • The perfect PLM solution in only two days
  • Maximum availability, security and data protection standards compliant with Germany's tough laws
  • Four performance packages for companies of all sizes: scalable from five to over 5,000 users
  • Infrastructure, operations, application management, help desk, licenses and consulting from a single source
  • Protection of investments thanks to forward-looking technologies

The PLM cloud: futuristic, transparent and agile

The expectations regarding PLM solutions are increasing: availability for manufacturers, suppliers and development partners across all sites, to reliably support PLM processes beyond the mere management of CAD data. The ability to flexibly adapt business processes to dynamic market changes is crucial. T-Systems recommends Aras Innovator, a powerful, highly flexible product lifecycle management system, that supports the entire PLM process – from product development to after-sales.


The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model guarantees maximum flexibility and can be adapted quickly without sacrificing maximum security standards. Whether global engineering or the launch of new products – the Aras architecture is highly scalable and a perfect fit for distributed environments. Payment is consumption-based.


Because Aras Innovator is preconfigured, installation and commissioning are fast, simple and smooth. The basic installation of the PLM system is ready to go in 48 hours at the latest, saving time and money from the start. T-Systems also offers add-on functions for a simplified role and authorization management, boosting user benefit even further. Companies that want to integrate other PLM systems can use the PDM WebConnector – which connects other PLM systems, legacy systems, ERP solutions such as SAP and the Aras cloud as part of the T-Systems PLM Cloud platform.
The PLM Cloud by T-Systems
All four service packages at a glance.

Use Cases

Manuel Schmidt
CAD Integration
Since we all started using a central PDM system, I can access the latest versions of the CAD documents from anywhere. Thanks to the CAD integration by T-Systems, I can access all documents saved in the cloud directly from the authoring system – even from my home office.
Wolfgang Heger
Collaboration with manufacturers
Without the connection to our customer's cloud, it would not be possible to deliver the documentation for our parts promptly or integrate our supplied parts in the complex product structure. It gives us and our customer a decisive speed advantage in the development of new components.
Project Manager
Peter Roller
Shorter innovation cycles
We have to launch new models of our product in evershorter innovation cycles. For us, the seamless collaboration with our suppliers and the flexible adaptability of the PDM system are the most important advantages of the T-Systems Aras cloud. I often use the option of processing a workflow from my tablet PC on the go or submitting comments on my team's results.
Marc Brenner
Access to the full documentation
When I travel to customer sites for maintenance and need to look up an error description or something in a manual, I can now do it anytime, anywhere. And best of all: if I need to provide information about a weakness of a component, I can write a comment for my colleagues in QA directly in the design drawing.

Infrastructure and application management from a single source

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The large number of new developments and versions increases the complexity of products and processes dramatically. The T-Systems PLM Cloud is a forward-looking solution for product lifecycle management that enables manufacturers, suppliers and development partners in the automotive, aerospace and other manufacturing sectors to concentrate on their core competencies – away from local system installations to an on-demand solution that is available worldwide, around the clock.


The PLM Cloud from T-Systems is available in four different sizes: from entry size, via S and M to L. This ensures that every company can get a performance package that matches its needs: a powerful, matching combination of infrastructure resources and integrated application management services that also include all the necessary licenses. A competent, internationally structured service desk supports smooth, trouble-free operations based on ITIL V3. German- and English-speaking hotline staff is available weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (CET), depending on the booked package. International customers can extend the service times to additional time zones and other support languages. A defined contingent of incident ticket resolutions is included in the basic tariff.


T-Systems has equipped all products in the PLM Cloud with state-of-the-art security mechanisms. Backup and restore services prevent data loss – modern, powerful data centers provide optimum protection to data.

24/7 Monitoring

The performance of the T-Systems PLM cloud is monitored constantly. When anything conspicuous is detected, the system managers at T-Systems track down and correct the issue immediately. Thanks to detailed statistics on usage behavior and utilization of the PLM Cloud, companies always know whether their current performance package still covers all their needs or if it is time for an upgrade. Whether upgrades to new Aras versions or minor updates: the T-Systems service teams take care of everything – including data backups, providing a virtual test environment for the application and activating the updated Aras cloud environment.

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