T-Systems unterstützt Unternehmen bei der digitalen Integration in Sales- & Aftersales-Services.
Sales & After Sales Solution



  • New business models, the cloud, big data and mobile solutions
  • Customer relationships throughout the entire vehicle lifecycle
  • Focal points: Marketing, sales & order management, service management, dealer management
  • Coordinating business processes through portal technology
  • Integrated lifecycle support for business-critical, distributed systems
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Market experts agree that sales & after sales system integration is starting to set the pace in the automotive sector. Indeed, isolated solutions will not help companies to get ahead, particularly while the economy is in the grips of a digital revolution that centers on cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service), big data and mobile solutions. Digital integration is becoming the key to dynamic business that focuses on growing mobility. However, the numerous requirements that come with sales & after sales system integration require complex process expertise. With more than 600 sales and after sales experts around the world, T-Systems is an experienced systems integration partner. Businesses can turn to it for support in the form of transformation consulting and the implementation of pioneering sales and after sales services. In providing this support, the specialists at T-Systems can deploy a full range of IT-supported solutions, from big-data technologies and analyses to digital vehicle information. They know what drives the industry worldwide and can develop customized, needs-based solutions for automotive companies. The focal points for sales & after sales system integration are marketing, sales & order management, after sales service management and dealer management.


According to the DAT Report 2016, 17 percent of new car buyers and 25 percent of used car buyers opted for a different brand than they had originally planned to buy due to Internet offers – and the trend is rising. So what does that mean for the automotive industry? Successful customer loyalty programs need a direct, customized and proactive approach. Seamlessly interconnected systems and digitized workflows are essential if customer relationships are to be managed on a results-oriented basis – and over the entire lifecycle of a vehicle. What’s more, companies that intelligently analyze customer interactions across all channels gain vital insights into buyer interests, market trends and product quality. The integration of all sales & after sales processes plays an important part in this.

The focus of sales after sales system integration

Solutions by T-Systems
There is only one answer to current marketing challenges – solutions that create a high level of transparency over customers and their needs. However, companies can only get a full 360° perspective when all customer data is pooled centrally. They can then use analysis tools to tailor marketing campaigns precisely to the relevant customer needs. T-Systems is your partner for integrating high-performance CRM solutions – including into heterogeneous system landscapes. Examples include Salesforce and portal solutions with Liferay. Reach your customers on a personal level, at the right time and in the right way – using both classic and new sales and communication channels.
Constantly changing sales channels and their growing online presence are increasingly competing with classic sales channels. However, this change can be mastered when using the right tools to ensure customer data is managed in a standardized manner and integrated deep into marketing and sales processes. Your sales process and order management meld together seamlessly. T-Systems supports you with wide-ranging expertise gained from years of experience in advising major vehicle manufacturers and developing systems. Thanks to tried-and-tested migration concepts and innovative technologies, you too can offer your sales teams an exceptionally efficient working environment and even leverage potential in the used car market and from cross-selling.
After sales service management
Multi-faceted after sales service management poses particularly significant challenges for any OEM. Whether companies need to manage service acceptance, worldwide service literature, feedback, spare parts availability or servicing, they will need to employ very different systems. T-Systems offers comprehensive experience and can unlock optimization potential for all areas, particularly through intelligent system integration.
The following are examples of system integration in service management:
  • Integrating all essential information – from customer data to vehicle data – and back-end systems into one seamless service acceptance process
  • Workflow-supported process acceleration for creating, updating and providing international service literature
  • Integrated data warehouse solutions ensure that errors are detected faster and boost product quality

Warranty & goodwill handling

As part of its service management portfolio, T-Systems offers a fully inclusive package for integrated, automated, central warranty and goodwill handling. Reduce your costs in this area effectively and improve your position among competitors at the same time. What’s more, as an OEM, you can significantly reduce subsequent costs by putting in place early warning systems for clusters of errors.
The following are focal points of system integration in after sales service management:
  • Service quality analyses
  • Digital service booklet
  • Product information and service documentation
  • Warranty and goodwill handling
As the beating heart of any car dealership, the dealer management system must seamlessly interconnect all areas. From vehicle procurement and sales to the trade in parts and workshop management – everything has to be closely coordinated with financial accounting, reporting, marketing and CRM. It is also crucial that there are clean links to the OEM systems and that company functions are integrated through workflow functionality. Experts from T-Systems provide customized support from the very start when introducing and integrating your DMS right through to operating it at high availability.
The offering includes:
  • Standard DMS software (Incadea)
  • T-Systems DMS software (alphaplus, Vaudis)
  • CRM-System Customer One


Use Case: Marketing OEM
“The Liferay portal integrated by T-Systems gives us completely new options. Our dealers are using our central OEM services to transfer, manage and analyze their data, for example. Moreover, they can use Liferay to customize how their dealership is presented in line with their branding. The central platform simplifies processes and strengthens partner loyalty.”
Use Case: Inhaber Autohaus
“As a long-term partner of ours, T-Systems creates solutions that help us forge ahead. The new CRM system integrates the key components in customer interaction. We are using it to manage leads, sales opportunities, offers, test drives and customer contact details, all as part of a 360° overview. Our customers benefit from our focused approach and the customized service that we provide over the entire lifecycle of their vehicles.”
Head of customer service
Use Case: Manager Service und Maintenance
“We use a lot of long-lasting capital goods and maintaining them can be very costly and time-consuming. Through its integrated telemaintenance solution, T-Systems has put in place a system that enables us to repair plants very quickly, even overseas, and thus significantly reduce our costs.”
Head of IT
Use Case: IT Manager
“T-Systems has been a reliable partner for us as we explore the cloud and is enabling us to harness new opportunities without having to invest huge sums. We can be flexible in responding to market trends and take our customer experience to a whole new level – all for easily calculable monthly costs.”


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With their heart set on their dream car, potential buyers delve into the Internet to search for it online. One large German car manufacturer, didn’t want to leave those all-important search results completely to chance. Instead, the company wanted a new Germany-wide online search function that would ensure users could perform a targeted search of its existing vehicles. Its partner for rolling out and integrating this new system was T-Systems. The solution was a new web application developed with agility in mind and delivered on a service integration platform. At the touch of a button, potential buyers can see where they can get their dream car and find out about terms. The whole process is based on an industrialized, high-availability and secure cloud platform and a comprehensive service package from T-Systems. The car manufacturer pays a monthly fee based directly on system usage and can also rely on T-Systems as a central contact for development, application management, infrastructure services and reporting. All in all, it is a great example of a cloud-based SaaS solution with extended service portfolio from T-Systems


State-of-the-art, web-based portals are a crucial focal point in sales & after sales system integration – and they are genuine all-rounders. They link together application landscapes, improve team collaboration and help to optimize business processes. One example is Liferay, which is integrated and run in the cloud by T-Systems. The solution supports interactive marketing, the automated management of processes and projects and cross-divisional employee communications. Large German automakers use Liferay as a strategic portal technology. The central interface for all Liferay activities is the T-Systems Liferay Competence Center. Integrated into a network of experts, it offers pooled portal expertise and wide-ranging support for projects and sales.


Satellite navigation systems have become indispensable. They support in-car navigation and allow us to pinpoint the position of all sorts of things. To keep everything running smoothly, a global infrastructure of control centers and stations have to work around the clock monitoring signals, providing navigation data, calculating paths, synchronizing times and controlling satellites. The specialists at T-Systems have everything that is needed to integrate and coordinate not just these complex systems, but also the different manufacturers, specific components, technologies and widely dispersed employees. The SLA-based “In-Service Support Desk” is a central control point for worldwide support activities. “Integrated logistics support engineering” underpins the development of overarching standards and support/logistics processes in order to safeguard quality in the delivery network.

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