Airport Management

Airport Management

Efficient end-to-end airport management

  • Resource management system for all airport operations
  • Flight information display for real-time information
  • Effective communication between airlines and air traffic control
  • Airport operational database with big data analytics
  • Seamlessly integrated end-to-end solution
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Passengers, baggage, freight and resources – all under control

According to the recent report from the German Aerospace Center (DLR), 940,000 flights took off from German airports in 2014 – transporting around 105 million passengers and 2.3 million metric tons of cargo. And volumes are expected to rise further, creating serious challenges for airport operators and service providers. Lengthy waiting times at bottlenecks such as check-in counters or security screening negatively impact the passenger experience, while flight delays cost airlines millions every year.

Airport management system (AMS)

To ensure efficient handling of passengers, baggage and cargo, all elements within the airport ecosystem must seamlessly interoperate. Deployed at over 50 sites worldwide, the T-Systems AMS offering helps create smart airports – where complex processes remain fully under control at all times.
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Airport Management
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"T-Systems cloud-based ground handling solution represents a quantum leap in crew and equipment planning."
Stefan Würdig, Director Operation, German Station, Acciona Airport Services


Modular Airport Management Products

T-Systems offers a set of Airport and Ground Handling Solutions. They are available as cloud-based products offered in an attractive Software as a Service (SaaS) mode. Alternatively they can be tailored and deployed to the individual needs of an airport operator or ground.

Real-time information for staff and passengers

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The AMS portfolio is modular in design. A resource management system (RMS) supports check-in counter allocation and baggage handling. And the flight information display system (FIDS) provides passengers with real-time updates on screens and destination boards, ensuring the smooth flow of people. A collaborative decision management (CDM) module facilitates seamless communication between airlines, air traffic control, police and customs, and catering, ground handling and cleaning teams. All information captured and generated by these components is managed by means of a standardized data model in the airport operational database (AODB).

One database for all

The AODB can be made available to a high number of different service providers at a given location, and supports airport management by leveraging powerful technologies such as big data analytics. It can be either integrated into the on-premises IT infrastructure or hosted in the highly secure T-Systems cloud. Users access the real-time information relevant for their particular workflows, allowing them to rapidly recognize bottlenecks and delays, and to better plan their processes.

The entire apron under control

T-Systems’ integrated ground handling management system (GHAMS) provides contractors with the tools they need to support order management, crew scheduling and demand planning. By supplying real-time data on arrivals and maneuvering apron slots, it enables ground crew to quickly respond to a rapidly evolving environment. In short, T-Systems’ professional airport solutions and services (PASS) offering gives airports a seamlessly integrated end-to-end solution – one that is highly reliable, highly secure, and delivered by a single, proven provider.