Improved management of transportation – in real time

  • Reduce the number of trips with no payload
  • Increase supply chain transparency
  • Harness SAP Transportation Management via the cloud
  • Track and trace shipments via an IoT platform
  • Cut costs through predictive operations
  • Improve productivity in logistics operations
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Telematics, track and trace – for efficient transportation management

According to the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), some 2.7 million trucks were registered in the country in 2015 – transporting over three billion metric tons of goods. These vehicles made over 400 million trips, but over one third were without a payload – creating an unnecessary burden for drivers, vehicles, infrastructure and the environment. Moreover, these empty movements generate significant costs for freight forwarders.

SAP Transportation Management

To help logistics service providers, freight forwarders and shippers streamline and automate their processes, T-Systems offers them the power of SAP Transportation Management. This scalable, cloud-based solution is hosted in a highly secure data center located in Germany. With just a single, end-to-end application, users gain full control of both commercial processes – such as order management – and logistics tasks, such as vehicle track-and-trace. Moreover, a flexible, pay-per-use pricing model gives them total cost visibility.
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DB Schenker
Optimum logistics processes reduce costs

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