Passenger Experience

The passenger experience

An enhanced passenger experience: keep them informed

Passenger Experience

Airport operators, stores and eateries can improve the customer experience with T-Systems technology.

  • Enhance the passenger experience with smart airport platform
  • Achieve seamless integration via open-standard APIs
  • Keep passengers fully and promptly informed
  • Guide passengers reliably to their gates
  • Encourage travelers to shop, eat and drink

Less waiting, more enjoyment

Airports like to see themselves as the gateways to the big, wide world. But many travelers fear long lines, tiresome security screening, and waiting near the gate with nothing much to do. At the same time, airport operators face rising challenges – in the shape of growing passenger numbers, frequent changes to flight schedules, and stricter security standards. And it is not unusual for a passenger to miss their flight because they have had to wait in line too long – while elsewhere there are plenty of staff, and few guests to serve.
A positive passenger experience entails a passenger needing no more than 15 minutes to pass from check-in to the stores, and a maximum of five minutes to clear security. And the less time each traveler spends at various airport processing points, the more time they have to relax, enjoy – and shop.

A state-of-the-art way to communicate

Every day, the Professional Airport Solutions & Services (PASS) offering from T-Systems provides around 1.4 million people with a pleasant, seamless passenger experience. T-Systems SMART Airport passenger experience platform, for example, supplies accurate, up-to-the-second facts and figures on screens, display boards or via an app – ensuring passengers are fully aware of their flight details, and fully aware of the appeal of nearby stores, restaurants and bars.

Practical, profitable advice from set-off to take-off

By providing a positive end-to-end experience, airports attract and retain more customers. Based on T-Systems travel milestone chain, passengers are kept abreast of the latest traffic situation while making their way to the airport. And once they arrive, they are kept up-to-speed on all important developments: when checking in, passing security, and boarding – in real time. They know what counter to go to, how long they can expect to wait at security, what gate they will be flying from, when boarding will commence, and whether their flight is delayed.
The right solution
Airport Management
T-Systems’ airport management portfolio streamlines ground and terminal operations, and passenger and freight handling.

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Visibility into passenger movements

With the help of T-Systems technology, airport operators and airport retailers know where passengers are located and how much time they have before departure. The system tells the restaurant in the duty-free zone that the flight to Rome has been delayed, and sends a Push-message to Italy-bound passengers’ smartphones, highlighting an attractively-priced meal deal – including log-in details for the restaurant’s WiFi. What’s more, these powerful solutions are fully scalable, and can be seamlessly integrated into existing environments via open-standard APIs.

Customer centricity is the key to higher sales

But there is much more: companies operating at or near the airport can make travelers aware of parking spaces, ATMs, and ticket machines. Or send them tailored messages detailing car-rental services, train connections, and tourist attractions at their destination. By enabling customer centricity of this exceptional quality, T-Systems’ smart airport solutions open up entirely new business opportunities.