E-Akte Public allows an efficient, user-friendly process and records management in conjunction with full legal compliance.

Digital document storage and management

Based on Microsoft SharePoint

  • E-Akte Public for simplified, accelerated and compliant process management
  • Seamless digital collaboration - within and beyond organizational boundaries
  • Anytime, anywhere secure mobile access to records and documents
  • Transparent, seamlessly integrated digital workflows, with audit-proof records management and archiving
  • Easy integration into the user's familiar working environment
Information on the company

E-Akte Public: rapid, user-friendly performance of administrative tasks

E-Akte Public from T-Systems provides public-sector organizations with powerful, user-friendly functionality for the management for electronic records management in line with applicable legislation. All administrative tasks involved in performing government-agency tasks and managing records are digitally modelled from end-to-end for total transparency – ensuring the location and status of all documents is always known. It enables smart searches, allowing civil servants to find and retrieve all relevant information with ease and speed. Moreover, E-Akte Public supports effective collaboration, both in-house and with other organizations. All objects, including files and process documentation, are saved in a single, standardized database. They can be jointly viewed and processed, and are accessible via mobile devices.

Swift, simple integration

E-Akte Public is based on Microsoft SharePoint, one of the most innovative collaboration platforms in existence. For swift and simple implementation, T-Systems leverages its own app framework. This middleware is modular in design, allowing the solution to be incorporated rapidly and seamlessly into complex systems landscapes – and allowing expansion and enhancement in line with customer-specific needs. This approach also minimizes maintenance effort. E-Akte Public can be operated on-premises or provisioned from a private cloud.
A cloud-based solution hosted at highly-secure T-Systems data centers located in Germany offers the same or even greater flexibility than an in-house model. Moreover, it eliminates the need for high upfront capital expenditure in IT infrastructure – and relieves the customer of routine operational and maintenance tasks. This hosted solution is highly secure and highly reliable, with all data mirrored in a second data center of identical design (twin-core model). The T-Systems private cloud fulfills all statutory obligations with regard to data protection, security and availability.
E-Akte Public: Tailored support for process and record management

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Example scenarios

Inbound documents
Use Case: Inbound documents
With E-Akte Public, government agencies can digitize all incoming correspondence immediately upon receipt, and then place it in the corresponding electronic record. Documents are automatically categorized and assigned to the right department or staff member.
Process management
Use Case: Process management
Documents can be created, edited and saved across multiple processes and workflow applications within the user’s familiar IT environment. E-Akte Public can be seamlessly integrated into the existing landscape by means of corresponding interfaces and data exchange formats.
Use Case: Workflows
Workflows can be digitized within the existing organizational structures – and without a disruptive transitional phase. For example, civil servants can retrieve documents from, or save them to, the E-Akte within their familiar Microsoft Office application environment, such as Outlook for email communication. And all with point-and-click simplicity.
Collaboration & mobility
Use Case: Mobile & Collaboration
E-Akte Public supports and streamlines in-house teamwork, cooperation with other agencies, and with outside organizations. SharePoint enables files to be shared, jointly edited and final records to be included – from anywhere, at anytime – via a laptop, tablet or smartphone.


E-Akte Public – electronic records management from T-Systems
Infographics: E-Akte Public

The benefts of E-Akte Public...

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Efficient, transparent document management
  • Rapid identification and retrieval of all information relevant to task at hand
  • Reliable, secure anywhere access to digital records
  • Seamless collaboration between departments, agencies and external stakeholders
  • Modelling of complex file and record systems, including structured rules for generating corresponding reference numbers
  • Digital records management is fully integrated into work processes
  • Solution fulfils the e-government requirements defined by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI)
  • Efficient, reliable and user-friendly implementation of legal imperatives
  • Highly secure and audit-proof data storage and archiving
  • Savings through simple, faster processes
  • Robust investment protection
  • Simpler, easier communication with government agencies
  • Improved service
  • Less time spent waiting at government offices

Technical features:

  • Complies with requirements for government digital records defined by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI)
  • Supports leading standard technologies (Web services, XDOMEA,CMIS)
  • Modular architecture for flexibility and vendor independence
  • Exceptional scalability with regard to users and data objects
  • Easy integration with existing Microsoft software (e.g. Microsoft Office)
  • Simple administration, integration and maintenance through dedicated configuration framework (app factory)
  • One version of the truth – no multiple, potentially conflicting records
  • Seamlessly integrated, end-to-end processes: receipt of citizen’s request/application, inbound document scanning, processing, payment, archiving, etc.
  • Intuitive design with easy-to-use GUI and smart button feature
  • Secure, reliable mobile access


Logo Wiesbaden
Wiesbaden is divided into 26 districts, and is home to more than 275,000 people. The city is dedicated to innovation and citizen-friendly services. Its willingness to embrace new ideas is illustrated by its virtual town hall – open 24x7.

The challenge

  • Introduce electronic records without disrupting ongoing operations, initially for 720 civil servants working in social services, treasury, public order
  • Implement ICT support for agency-specific processes
  • Establish a digital solution for all the city’s government agencies

The solution

  • Roll-out of E-Akte Public on the basis of customized version of Documentum 6.7 (Favorit 5.2), a software solution for document and workflow management at government agencies
  • New and enhanced interfaces for agency-specific processes

The customer benefits

  • Streamlined government-agency processes and cost savings
  • Basis established for improved cooperation within agencies, with other agencies and with external stakeholders
  • Implementation of mobile connectivity currently in progress
Logo ELW
In Wiesbaden, refuse collection and waste water management are the responsibility of a corporation owned by the local municipality (ELW). 685 employees use Microsoft SharePoint as the enterprise-wide document management platform.

The challenge

  • Need for optimization of a complex, unstable legacy environment, comprising Microsoft SharePoint and a number of third-party solutions
  • Need for optimization and streamlining of existing portal and collaboration structures
  • Migration of solution to a robust support infrastructure

The solution

  • Systems analysis and identification of weaknesses
  • Design proposal and consulting for implementation of a SharePoint farm based on best practices for:
    - Intranet
    - Internet-based complaint management
    - Collaboration with multiple team sites
    - Workflow with Nintext
    - Contract management with ERM solution

The customer benefits

  • Professional advice for all technical questions related to SharePoint
  • Streamlined, enhanced systems landscape
  • Extremely stable system
  • Enterprise-wide intranet and collaboration
  • SharePoint application provisioning as a service for external customers

A one-stop solution

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The German E-Government Act mandates the digitization of all administrative processes in federal ministries by 2020 – and this, by extension, will require the implementation of electronic records management (ERM), not just at the federal but also at regional and local levels. The aim is to make the work of the public sector simpler, more efficient and more citizen-friendly. E-Akte Public from T-Systems helps government agencies digitize their document management with minimum integration effort.

Digitization in line with applicable legislation

To ensure compliance with the corresponding statutory imperatives and to provide robust security, E-Akte Public was developed on the basis of the e-government requirements defined by the German Ministry of the Interior (BMI).
The solution also takes account of other defined standards and requirements at federal, regional and local government levels. E-Akte Public offers a variety of powerful functions, and many tangible benefits, for all public sector organizations: simple creation and processing of tasks, audit-proof and transparent processes, and precise modelling of existing organizational structures. It grants full visibility into and access to existing workflows , high user acceptance and adoption – thanks to rapid learning and low training requirements, on account of its intuitive design and integration with popular Microsoft Office products. It also features a granular user role and rights management system, ensuring objects are only accessible to authorized persons.

Support for processes specific to the public sector

E-Akte Public can be combined with an archiving system that fulfils the requirements defined by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), and models a variety of processes specific to the public sector. Input and output management ensures seamless integration into the existing application landscape. When supported by Deutsche Telekom’s secure email system (De-Mail), E-Akte Public enables legally binding and fully protected communications within agencies, across multiple agencies, and with citizens. Integration with Microsoft Office allows civil servants to link digital records with, for example, an Outlook calendar appointment or action item.

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