Advanced technology improves public safety and security by enabling government agencies to streamline operations.

Public Safety

Public safety and security in the digital age

Advanced technology improves public safety and security by enabling government agencies to streamline operations.

Improve decision making and reduce administrative overhead by deploying state-of-the-art technology.

  • Enhanced planning and support for operations
  • Mobile systems for improved safety of officers in the field
  • Reduced administrative overhead
  • Better coordination and collaboration within and between agencies

Digital technology enhances public safety

The seamless exchange of data is not just key to the global economy. Public safety agencies can also benefit from improved information flows – and employ ICT to respond more efficiently and effectively in critical situations. For example, police and fire departments, and the military, can leverage smart analytics to identify and capture data relevant to homeland and national security. They can combine information from multiple sources to create a complete picture of the situation they face. In particular, police departments can employ the latest traffic reports and information building plans and maps for their activities – updated in real time. Moreover, cutting-edge ICT systems have transformed crisis and disaster management – helping determine the location of injured people, which rescue crews are already at the scene, what kind of aid is needed, and more. The right technology gives public safety agencies an accurate overview of circumstances, enabling them to effectively manage their operations, and efficiently coordinate human and technical resources. As a result, help arrives sooner, and exactly where it is needed.

Mobility provides greater transparency and safety on site

ICT systems not only improve planning from a distance – they enhance on-site operations. Made-to-measure solutions for law enforcement generate records of events as they unfold, and guide police officers through statutory imperatives and constraints – minimizing errors and administrative effort.
To create efficient, paperless processes, German police i.e. uses T-Systems mobile office solutions, enabling officers to verify people’s ID in the field – and eliminating the need to drive back to the station. It raises efficiency, provides greater transparency, and frees up time for core public safety tasks.

Collaboration within and across agencies

Once data is available in a digital form, the next step is to share it within and across agencies. Consequently, ICT solutions that interoperate with external information systems are essential. Captured data can then be exchanged, and the creation of duplicate entries avoided. In our increasingly connected world, cooperation is critical to public safety. Only by working hand-in-hand can law enforcement agencies effectively organize manhunts, coordinate operations, and rise to the challenges of globalization and digitization.
The right solution
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With its comprehensive offering, T-Systems helps public-sector actors achieve digital transformation.

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Cybercrime prompts a rethink

Digital crime is a growing threat. Online espionage, phishing, fraud and more is thriving. In fact, some 15 million incidents, costing the German economy 3.4 billion euros (The German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin), 2015), are recorded annually. And this only includes events that were reported – the real figure is much, much higher. For law enforcement, proactively identifying and mitigating risks in cyberspace is a top priority. To this end, they need to work with experts, implement effective security mechanisms and an early warning system, and remain one step ahead of potential perpetrators. Shielding IT infrastructure by means of specialist tools and targeted action against cyber attacks and manipulation is critical – as is preventing unplanned downtime. T-Systems, as an experienced partner in cyber security, offers public safety agencies powerful, made-to-measure functionality – and ensures their protection and high availability.