High-performance computing opens up new possibilities in research and education.

High-Performance Computing

Computing power for the scientific community

High-performance computing opens up new possibilities in research and education.

To remain competitive at an international level, truly excellent research requires both connectivity and processing power.

  • Robust ICT infrastructure for research
  • Extremely high computing power, capable of crunching complex datasets
  • Superb connectivity for streamlined collaboration across the world
  • Cloud-based solutions for swifter progress and better results

Tomorrow’s scientific world is connected

Centers for research and higher education face strong headwinds – including ever fiercer international competition for renowned scientists and top students, and for grants and other funding. Increasingly, powerful technology makes the difference, as it enables researchers to focus on their work, develop innovations, and stand out in their field, attracting talent and support. 

Powerful ICT infrastructure as the basis for high-quality research

High-bandwidth Internet connections are vital for research and education. In addition, reliable and secure, high-speed campus networks are needed to support thousands of students and scientists – working at multiple sites, and sometimes even in ancient buildings. Leading-edge communications solutions and cloud-based services have already made seamless cross-border collaboration a reality. But European universities and research centers must implement state-of-the-art technology if they are to keep pace with well-funded organizations such as Harvard and MIT – and to reaffirm Europe’s role as a hub of knowledge and innovation.

High-performance computing for complex simulations and vast volumes of data

Digitization provides fresh impetus and inspiration across all scientific fields. In particular, scalable, rapidly provisioned cloud-based services form the basis for managing the flood of data generated by research. They also deliver outstanding efficiency – and help make best use of tight budgets. Moreover, researchers can leverage high-performance computing and smart, big data analytics from the cloud for diverse tasks – for example, to analyze human genomes and identify genetic disorders, or to sift through massive amounts of environmental and meteorological data to develop early warning systems.
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Connected research grows more rapidly

To enjoy all the benefits of digitization, the scientific community must embrace connectivity and further integrate their activities. For example, organizations can harness cloud computing to share ICT infrastructure and services developed specially for research. This accelerates processes, and helps spread new scientific insights and methodologies – driving innovation and growth. To keep in step with the pace of change, and to remain competitive nationally and internationally, universities and research centers must exploit these opportunities to the full.