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Cloud Knowledge Center

Cloud Knowledge Center

Cloud Knowledge Center (CKC) is a part of the Cloud Foundation Program (CFP).

Information on the company

Who We Are:

  • T-Systems offers the set up and operations of the Cloud Knowledge Center  (CKC) as a Shell internal Governance and consulting body of Bangalore
  • CKC is part of the Cloud Foundation Program (CFP). CKC will drive adoption of cloud technologies and services
  • Support Shell across multiple business units to improve cloud adoption by enabling greater migration of application workloads to the cloud
  • CKC will act as a multiplier and a Guide for cloud usage

What Do We Do:

  • CKC is Two in a box model where TSI partners with Shell to consult & drive the cloud adoption strategy
  • CKC would be instrumental in driving development, migration, prototypes and Pilots.
  • CKC would be empowered by enabling automation and using new tools and techniques in cloud space.
  • The instruments of the automation would include DevOps integration with more focus on integrated delivery driving the roadmap from portfolio assessment to migration

How Do We Do?

  • Technically, the entire Microsoft stack which includes Azure platform propelled by best practices from CoE (Center of Excellence) on top of self managed services
Focus of the Year
  • Modernization
  • Transformation
  • Migration
  • Consulting
  • Decommissioning