Cloud Application Modernization

Organizations are under huge pressure to perform better with less cost. But one of the biggest hurdles in improving performance and standing a chance in ever competitive market is to work with rigid, outdated and unsupported legacy applications. T-Systems help organizations to retain the value of legacy applications by creating a modernization roadmap that transform such systems into modern age solutions which are more efficient and responsive to market/ business changes. A modernized, cloud hosted application drastically reduces hardware and infrastructure cost and at the same time can improve application uptime to 99.9%.
Information on the company
  • Define performance metrics for modernized applications
  • Identify areas to reduce cost and improve performance
  • Industry standard and multi step security mechanisms
  • Design disaster recovery solutions
  • Identify risks and mitigation plan

  • Cloud Assessment and Consulting – Work with business stakeholders to create blueprint and roadmap for modernization.
  • Application Remediation and optimization – Solution Re-architecture to address the pain areas.
  • Cloud Native – To leverage best-of-breed components to utilize cloud native technologies.