Cloud Application Testing

Cloud application Testing Service is an integrated Testing offering from T-Systems which helps enterprises in accelerating cloud migration and modernization projects.  This integrated Service provides full lifecycle solution enabling you to manage your application testing processes, validate your cloud infrastructure and application functionality, in order to ensure that your applications will perform equally good on the cloud in comparison with the physical infrastructure.
Information on the company
  • Reduce costs by finding bugs early using Acceptance Test Driven Development/ Provisioning
  • To meet all the business and technical requirements in scope
  • To conduct business smoothly by reducing downtimes
  • Minimize the impact of migration, enhancements and upgrades during business operations
  • Focus on automation and usage of tools for reduction in testing cycle time

  • Platform Testing - To ensure the acceptability of the provisioned Infrastructure and platform
  • Application Testing – To ensure that the application is tested for acceptability after migration
  • User Acceptance Testing - The process of verifying that a migrated application works for the end user
  • Performance Testing - The process of evaluating the quality or capability of an end product