Managed Services with the Cloud Integration Center

The entire Cloud landscape via a single interface out of the private cloud

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The Cloud Integration Center (CIC) provides companies a T-Systems solution for migrating their Cloud applications, using additional standard applications as well as commercializing own developments on the service catalogue via a shared project and a standardized process.
The T-Systems Cloud Integration Center offers a joint platform – covering both self-managed and managed services – for Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) operations. In the Cloud Integration Center, Companies can use the Cloud in three different ways – obtaining applications as required out of the Cloud, migrating their own applications to the highly secure T-Systems private Cloud and developing their own Cloud offerings, which they can also make available to other companies.

Providing services

The pre-configured applications in the service catalogue can be put in operation in a short time. Companies can also scale the applications as required. The portfolio includes wide-ranging Infrastructure-as-a-Service (e.g. MS Windows, Linux), Platform-as-a-Service (e.g. Tomcat, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MS IIS) and complex managed services (e.g. Sharepoint, Enterprise Search) solutions. T-Systems checks the quality and security of newly developed applications before they are released as Managed Services in the Cloud Integration Center.
Advantages of Cloud Integration Center for ...
  • Obtaining your own or standard applications from the private Cloud or developing and marketing new ones
  • Investment security: Existing applications can also be operated in the Cloud Integration Center
  • Access to all cloud services via a self-service portal
  • Parameters are easy to configure and applications are quickly available to specialty departments
  • Self-management or Managed Services
  • Lower efforts due to pre-configured business applications
  • Fully managed application operation
  • Rapid access to necessary specialized applications
  • Faster implementation of new business models
  • Needs-based pay-as-you-go process
  • Managed Services free up staff for other tasks
  • Variety of pre-configured, security-tested applications
  • Independent ordering and configuration subject to the appropriate authorization
  • IT department’s costs and Application Management budgets are lower and used in a more targeted way

Modular service booking

Depending on the companies wishes they can manage their applications themselves or assign all these tasks to T-Systems as Managed Services. The service configuration can be customized for each application. Specialty and IT departments with the appropriate authorization can configure, start and stop all applications by using a self-service portal. The company’s authorized unit releases assigned services before they are available to use. Services are invoiced after being occupied.

Secure and reliable

The Cloud Integration Center is part of the highly secure T-Systems private Cloud. The certified data centers ensure availability of up to 99.98 percent and are amenable to the strictest German and European security standards and privacy regulations. MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) or VPN (Virtual Private Network) ensures a secure connection to the customer network.
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